Making Assumptions About Intangible Assets

Why is it that

1. One can probably pinpoint the precise time of day their desk stapler went missing, but may be absolutely clueless about the status, stability, fragility, sustainability, defensibility, and value of their businesses IP, trade secrets, (proprietary) know how, and competitive advantages = intangible assets!

2. One will likely entrust their most valuable and proprietary business practices and trade secrets to others whom we may only say hi, goodbye, and thanks to at the office or Kinko’s = intangible assets!

3. A large percentage of companies learn about the value of their misappropriated, compromised, or infringed trade IP, trade secrets, and proprietary know how by asking legal counsel what their fees will be to try to get them back = intangible assets!

What happens when one becomes inclined to assume that

1. Their most valuable know how and competitive advantages are protected by computer/IT security, non-disclosures, and non-competes, so, try listening to cell phone conversations in hotel lobbies and airport lounges, or glance at the laptop screen of the person seated next to you…

2. Their proprietary ideas and innovation are adequately protected because a patent has been issued, then its time they learned about global data mining, state sponsored, corporate, and independent business intelligence, and information brokering operations, or just go to and see your company’s products, ideas, and competitive advantages in counterfeit-pirated form…

3. There are no internal – external parties interested in your strategic planning, client lists, pricing strategies, R&D programs, and business practices, and motivated to steal them, so, why are there 19+ university programs in the U.S. and Canada, plus hundreds of seminars conducted globally to train people in the art and science of collecting – analyzing business and economic intelligence…

Michael D. Moberly June 13, 2018 St. Louis [email protected] ‘The Intangible Asset Blog’ ( where attention span, business realities, and solutions meet!

Readers are invited to examine other relevant resources I have produced, particularly two papers, (1.) ‘Intangible Assets: The Introvert of Business Assets’ and (2.) ‘The Target of the New Insider Threat’  at

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