Intangible Assets: The “Introvert: Of All Business Assets:

Kpstrat brings current, relevant, and practical ideas around Intangible Assets to life through the voice of Michael Moberly. Here, you will find a competitive edge by unraveling the value of your Intangible Assets.

Michael Moberly. An Intangible Asset Strategist with 25+ Years of Experience:

A risk specialist, researcher-author, and trainer on matters related to all things intangible. I have
refined my skills so that I can best serve clients, companies, and businesses to identify, unravel, and exploit the competitive advantages derived from their intangible assets. Outside of that I have published books & papers, delivered presentations all over the world, and have served as chair of the American Society for Industrial Security.

Safeguarding Intangible Assets

Safeguarding Intangible Assets will provide readers with…fiduciary – obligatory insights to and viable strategies for safeguarding – exploiting – leveraging – monetizing these increasingly crucial and valuable assets.  Please enjoy! 

Global Intangibles


Intangible Valuation & Monetization

Business Reputation Risk & Mitigation:


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