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Readers will gain operational knowledge, strategies, and examples to identify-distinguish assets, unravel asset origins and ownership, preserve-monitor assets’ contributory roles and value, and mitigate risks to however, whenever, and wherever intangible assets may be in play, regardless of circumstance or transaction, i.e., merger, acquisition, new product launch, corporate-university R&D alliances, early stage firms, and university originated spin-offs.

Intangible asset protections that are effective and consistent will increase a company’s transaction value, revenues, competitiveness, and sustainability.

Intangible assets, which include, in addition to traditional intellectual properties, a variety of forms of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital, are after all an irreversible economic fact that…80+% of most companies’ value, sources of revenue, competitiveness, and sustainability lie in-emerge directly from.

Safeguarding Intangible Assets is available for purchase through Amazon.

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