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Leverage Blog Posts to Deliver Thought-Provoking Insights to Business Leadership Readers

Collaboratively re-purposing content of published blog posts, i.e., Business Intangible Asset Blog…is a professionally impressive, dignified, and ‘message relevant’ marketing strategy, i.e., converting (blog post) readers to prospective clients to sustainable clients.

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Professional Service Firm Marketing

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Selecting specific blog post content

that aligns with a professional service firms’ expertise is a marketing strategy that produces effective entrées to…

  1. deliver an authoritative and attractive (online-marketing) presence.
  2. attract new – prospective clients, and re-engage existing clients.
  3. bring clarity to the distinctive needs and challenges common to the rapidly growing number of businesses, in all sectors, which are ‘intangible asset intensive and dependent’.
  4. develop and bank essential – valuable relationship capital which elevates reader receptivity to conversion from prospective to actual clients.
  5. articulating intangible asset practice area expertise, and
  6. getting a firm’s message to (a.) the right audience, (b.) at the right time, and, (c.) in a learned context!
    • after all, it is an economic fact today, and for the foreseeable future, that 80+% of most company’s value, sources of revenue, competitiveness, and sustainability lie in – emerge directly from intangible (non-physical) assets, i.e., various forms of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital…

Conventional business marketing initiatives and content

are routinely interpreted (by the operationally sophisticated) as series of generic narratives, interspersed with dramatized ‘click bait’ FUD factors, i.e., fear, uncertainty, and doubt, to draw attention, which

  1. moderate vs. elevate a firm’s reputation and brand.
  2. are expensive, tedious to execute, and minimally responsive, and
  3. often, are absent the prowess of relationship capital.

Too, applying – reliance on FUD factors (i.e., fear, uncertainty, doubt) as the primary means for persuading prospective client’s ‘buy rationale’

can translate to the experienced as subjective, cherry picked, and choreographed messaging.

FUD factors, by design, are intended to

influence targets’ base emotions, insofar as assuming immediate action is essential.  When, in point of fact, prudent decision making that buys long term intellectual, structural, and relationship capital are the important realities for professional service firms.

Too, experience suggests that ‘marketing messaging’ anchored in FUD factors

may be, well received, by the operationally unfamiliar, but, far less so for business leadership already familiar with the materialization of risk to ‘all things intangible’.

Collaboratively re-purposing the content of published posts from the Business Intangible Asset Blog

  1. is professionally impressive and dignified, that delivers finely tuned message relevance to convert (blog post) readers to prospective clients and to sustainable – real clients.
  2. is a relevant foundation – prelude to developing and executing ‘inbound marketing’ initiatives.
  3. will, with high probability, be interpreted by readers as well researched and articulated rationales and entrée which professional service firms can rely and reference as essential to…
    • developing new – reinforcing existing clients.
    • distinguishing a firm’s (added) practice area expertise,
    • and, perhaps most importantly, contribute to recognizing the lucrative – competitive relevance of coordinating practice area expertise to deliver intangible asset services.

The ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ is an authoritative resource

consisting of 650+ (long form) published posts whose content can be collaboratively and quickly extracted and re-purposed to deliver relevant and thought provoking insights to business leadership readers.

Assessing the influence of messaging select blog post content

occurs as readers – prospective clients recognize the immediate relevance of and applicability of the content, insofar as…

  • addressing current – prospective clients near term and strategic needs, riswhich they will inevitably experience.
  • being (competitively, lucratively) worthy of applying in lieu of independently devoting time and resources to conducting external, time consuming (third party) ‘snoop and sniff ‘ (marketing) activities.
  • constitutes a legitimate, learned, and ethical means to address current – prospective clients nuanced – sector specific business interests and financial-competitive ‘pain points’.
  • elevates practitioners’ familiarity with the lucrative operation of intangible asset intensive and dependent businesses, and, importantly
  • influences same to seek individualized follow-ups with the  professional service firm providers…
    • especially, when acting on  ‘the content’ is a prelude to setting professional service firms apart from their competitors.

Professional service firm leadership intrigued by – inclined to pursue a marketing strategy leveraged with blog content will find it

  • is respectfully nurturing insofar as integrating language that respectfully appeals to – influences readers – clients decisions based upon relationship capital.
  • converges clarity and rationale for business leadership to mitigate conventional misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and/or any reluctance – hesitancy to engage their or clients intangible assets.

Professional service firm leadership are respectfully invited to contact Mr. Moberly for details regarding executing this new, inbound marketing strategy at [email protected] (St. Louis) and explore his books, papers, and blog posts at

Michael D. Moberly

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