Valuing Business Intangible Assets…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

During-the-course of several of my early (kpstrat) engagements and more routinely today, (business) clients allude to frustrations – disappointments they experience relative to…

  • how business asset valuators assign and/or appear dismissive of their ‘homegrown’, business (product-service specific, and nuanced’ business things intangible, they have developed – acquired, hold, and are applying.

In many instances, those frustrations – disappointments translate to heightened interest in appreciating which-how-when particular-intangible assets contribute to a business as value adds insofar as…

  1. a business’s economics, i.e., product, and/or service operations, processes, revenue generation, brand-reputation, operating culture, and competitive advantage, and
  2. how those assets can – should be differentiated (insofar as their contributory roles, materiality, sustainability, and valuation).

This is largely because, most businesses today (and for the foreseeable future) have (out of necessity) become increasingly ‘intangible asset intensive and dependent’ hence, importance being assigned to…

  • seek, develop, acquire, introduce, and apply business specific + sustainable intangible assets, i.e., forms-applications-contexts of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital and operating culture…

at the right time, right place, in the right way…

Underlying these experiential perspectives isthe unarguable – irreversible economic fact that…

80+% of most business’s value, competitive advantage, revenue generation capability, and sustainability, today, and for the foreseeable future, lie in – emerge directly from intangible – non-physical assets, less so from tangible – physical assets.

Admittedly, during those early (kpstrat) engagements (referenced above), it appeared prudent to avoid becoming temporarily unfocused from what clients expected of kpstrat’s work (to that engagement), hence, my inclination to…

  • not pursue business leadership – management teams to elaborate as to their expressions of frustration-disappointment regarding how, when, why, where, and which intangible assets to assess – assign ($) values.

I suspicioned early, that many kpstrat client’s frustrations – disappointments emerged from repeated experiences with particular-professionals serving as ‘business asset valuators’, e.g., the sense they may (variously) be unfamiliar – in-experienced with ‘home grown’ business things intangible, i.e.,

  1. their origins, emergence, development, application, and materiality.
  2. differentiating same as contributing to a business’s value, revenue generation potential-capability, and competitiveness, etc.,
  3. to-for particular-business projects, interactions, marketing initiatives, operations, transactions, and outcomes, and/or
  4. distinguishing the various types, contexts, applications of intellectual, structural, relationship, and cultural-operational capital and

kpstrat’s primary mission evolved to…

  1. guide businesses, irrespective of sector, stage, revenues, or maturation, to
  2. identify, differentiate-unravel, safeguard, and ethically – lucratively and sustainably exploit business things intangible for value, revenue generation, competitiveness, and potential licensing opportunities.

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