U.S. Foreign – Domestic Relationships – Intangibles of Perception

This U.S. administration is well versed in sewing – exploiting perceptions (intangibles) of fear, uncertainty, and doubt…i.e., (personal) perception, which many U.S. citizens, i.e., women, farmers, coal miners, steel producers, elected leaders in California, the Democratic party, and SCOTUS confirmations, among others, who, in turn, translate their perceptions of this administration’s practices to reflect reality as they see it, feel it, and hear it.

Other intangible ‘perceptions’ applied by this administration…are evident (play out) in international relationships, i.e., the leadership of China, Russia, Canada, North Korea, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, and the ‘whole’ of the African continent.  https://kpstrat.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=5606

Professionally, I hard pressed to refer to the above as relationships, rather, more like evolving and fragile perceptions of tenuous coexistence, i.e., interests and motivations. That is, each ‘coexistence’ is embedded with – steeped in various intangibles ala perceptions accrued moment by moment.  https://kpstrat.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1108

Whether these perceptual relationships are intentional, have a purpose, or indicators of deeper challenges, would be speculative…at best, but, it seems clear to me, perception-based intangibles are consistently in play, especially in the language, tone, and practices emanating from the West Wing of the White House, i.e., being applied or leveraged, sometimes not-so-artfully, nor with much empathy. Whether the initiating or receiving parties are aware or not for how intangibles are being applied (played) is also, I suspect, speculative.https://kpstrat.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=206

For this administration, the ‘intangibles’ of perception and reputation are…perhaps, most frequently expressed by, what are often characterized as spontaneous tweets or extemporaneous remarks, either of which may, as numerous pundits suggest, occur off script or off message and ‘sew fear, uncertainty, and doubt’.  https://kpstrat.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=5664

Once this administrations’ intangibles (perceptions) enter the public domain…usually via Twitter, a second layer of intangibles frequently ensue, in the form of conflicting interpretations, explanations, and clarifications. Regardless, the initial intangible conveyed, ala the perceptions which manifest through Twitter, can manifest as a platform, upon which positioning, proclamations, and ‘executive orders’ emanate, at least initially.

A product of instant ‘policy by intangibles’, is that it influences much speculation and agenda driven assessments and interpretations…which emerge globally at keystroke speed through common socials and a multitude of platforms recipients are accustom to receiving news.

As for either the domestic or global audiences…I believe it’s fair to say, a not insignificant percentage have already self-identified as being politically, ethnically, religiously, culturally, or economically marginalized, unattended, and/or polarized, all of which play contributory roles how – whether any particular-intangible will be favorably or adversely interpreted.

The realities associated with how certain intangibles will be interpreted…by large blocks of citizens who genuinely believe they are part of the marginalized, polarized, unattended populace, intertwined with the manner and tone which the intangibles are conveyed, materialize, or being practiced by this administration, influences people to be unreceptive – build resistance to the implied intangibles and their conveyors.

Importantly, this blog is about business intangible assets and its subset, intellectual property…there is no intent for this blog to be characterized by readers as an echo chamber for partisan political regurgitation. Respectfully, I believe it can be informative to occasionally shed the light of an intangible asset strategist and risk specialist (that would be me) on particular-circumstances and behaviors which have been publicly exhibited. That is, irrespective of whether the behavior – circumstance originate within this administration or the private sector.  https://kpstrat.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=5551

There are precious few blogs which consistently address issues related to intangible assets…which is surprising given…

  • ‘the economic fact that 80+% of most organizations – company’s value, sources of revenue and sustainability either lie in – emerge directly from intangible assets.

Should this blog purposefully overlook or choose not to…address certain intangibles which frequently translate to behaviors, actions, and policy, then this blog’s mission would have been abdicated.

Michael D. Moberly  October 10, 2018  kpstrat.com  [email protected]  ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ (since 2006) where one’s attention span, business realities, and solutions converge!

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