Recognizing Business Things Intangible

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Business things intangible, my experience indicates, emerge and materialize across business sectors in various forms, contexts, applications, convergences, and inputs of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital.

I have come to conclude (experientially, overtime) that in far too many circumstances, some business leaders are variously influenced – remain inclined to…

  1. convey dismissiveness – overlook appear dis-inclined to recognize or appreciate the intangible assets produced by and already exist in their business, and/or
  2. appear to misconstrue the various and actual (direct – indirect) contributory roles and value which consistently emerge from and are produced by (existing)intangible assets, and/or.
  3. dismiss business things intangible various roles – contributions as straight-line underliers to their business’s core missions, i.e., its value, competitiveness, brand, revenue generation capabilities – opportunities, and sustainability.

Also, regrettably, there remain some professional service providers and by extension, influence some businesses and leaders who they serve, to sustain those perspectives which are largely out-of-step with irreversible business development – operation – transaction realities (across sectors), i.e., intangible asset intensity and dependency.

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