Protecting Intangible Assets…It’s Still A New Dimension For Some Companies!

Michael D. Moberly   December 11, 2009

A reality of many security-asset protection initiatives executed in companies is that a significant percentage are more reactive than proactive.  While there are many understandable reasons for this, its imperative for know how (intangible asset) intensive-dependant companies operating in go fast, go hard, go global nanosecond business (transaction) environments become exclusively proactive and forward looking in their practices to safeguard their assets by recognizing…

1. the necessity to anticipate, assess, and secure the resources necessary to counter the increasingly  diverse and persistent risks and threats to company’s intangible, rather than, tangible (phyiscal) assets.

2. the (general, specific) deterrents presumed to be naturally evolving by-products of asset protection systems and/or technologies are frequently marginalized today by (a.) the shear volume of risks-threats, (b.) their technological – predatorial sophisticatation, and (c.) the asymmetric finesse in which those risks and threats are executed.

Why is this model necessary for IP-intangible asset intensive companies?.  It’s because, in most situations, the consequences – adverse affects of intangible asset (IP) losses, compromises, value/competitive advantage undermining are immediate and frequently irreversible, i.e., once lost, compromised, or undermined, the value, revenue, competitive advantages, and/or strategic positioning those assets brought to a company are seldom, if ever fully recoverable in a timely manner to recoup (lost) competitive advantages and/or market position.

Therefore, on-going practices, procedures, and/or systems to sustain (protect, preserve) control, use, ownership and monitor the value and materiality of a company’s intangible assets, should routinely be on c-suite and board agendas and high (fiduciary) priorities for security directors (CSO’s), legal (IP) counsel, and CFO’s.


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