Political Intangible Assets 2021…second in a series

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

What I am respectfully encouraging readers to consider in this series of posts which I endeavor to draw correlations to business things intangible and political things intangible, i.e.,

  • there is clear, hard-to-argue against, 20+ years of evidentiary relevance and ROI’s which routinely accrue to (business) leaders, entrepreneurs, management team members, investors
  • which convey ‘horizonal receptivity’ to recognizing, differentiating, engaging, and exploiting intangibles they have developed and hold.

I am suggesting, based on my experiences, in business ventures, not wholly unlike political ventures, recognizing in advance, not haphazardly, which, how, when, where and why particular – intangible assets are obliged to be…

  • considered and recognized relative to the assets’ prospective, respective, and potential contributory roles and presumed value-adds,
  • which again, can and routinely do emerge in various forms, contexts, applications, and embodiments of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital, often irrespective of origin, and
  • embed similarly – comparably in business and political (operational) ideology, rhetoric, acculturation, and transactions.

Concurrently, throughout the private sector, leaders – influencers are (particularly and fiduciarily) obliged to recognize, that today, and for the foreseeable future, irrespective of sector or stage of development,

  • political initiatives and transactions as well, are irreversibly intangible asset intensive, dependent, and reliant.

On this point, those who may, for various reasons, remain knotted (conceptually, practically) in tangible – physical asset domains and/or past practice conventions which support continuation of same,

  • may likely remain self-influenced to debate the null, e.g., deny or give less credence to ROI laden benefits of business – political goodwill, reputation, culture, and ‘marketing’ in which those things intangible are prominently front-and-center.

Respectfully, the obviousness of a connection between business things intangible and political things intangible may be less clear, obvious, or readily translatable as particular,

  • acts, behaviors, speech, advocacy, and/or rationales conveyed – undertaken by elected public office holders in which (their) alignment with – to an ideology and/or legislative influence are products – outcomes which are just-as-routinely, in play.

Some may construe this business things – political things intangible perspective represents, at best, a subjective leap. Respectfully and experientially, I disagree, and invite review of this series and 800+ previous posts @ Business Intangible Asset Blog.

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