Presenting Intangible Assets As A New Concept

I have ‘presented’ intangible assets as an important and lucrative concept…to business decisions makers who are obliged to have familiarity, i.e., individuals, small groups, boards, or audiences I know only as acquaintances. For each, there are particularly challenges to address as best one is able, should there be a receptive buy decision in the offing.

Interestingly, for some audiences, it is possible for one to legitimately incorporate FUD, i.e., fear, uncertainty, and doubt…in a presentation in a manner that increases the probability for quicker ‘buy’ decisions while reducing the probability a ‘buy decision’ will be postponed?

Examples I wish to address here are presenting services related to exploiting and safeguarding intangible assets…with respect to achieving the coveted buy vs. don’t buy decision, frequently, the experience becomes what I describe as unnecessary challenges and limitations brought largely by…

  • industry-sector pricing model history, and
  • misconceptions held by prospective clients and about why assets which are intangible, require safeguards.

Presentations intended to influence an audience to consider ways which intangible asset outputs…i.e., produce-deliver value, competitive advantages, revenue, and sustainability, etc., which businesses assume, but may be operationally unfamiliar how either occurs.

The value businesses attach (assign) to their intangibles, if they do…for example, may manifest to reflect the nuances of each business, i.e., as collaborations of intangible assets to create 80+% of most companies sources of value, revenue, and competitiveness, etc..

Please take special note that each – all intangibles can be monetized…should their developer – owner recognize and acquire sufficient familiarity regarding how, when, why, and under what circumstance monetization can-should occur relative to the intangibles produced – delivered.

On the other hand, when I make presentations to audiences about security products – systems, i.e., …the conventions of safeguarding – surveilling people and property, it is also challenging to persuasively articulate their application, outputs, and relevance to prospective buyers and strategies for monetization in human terms.

My rationale for introducing the ‘intangible asset side of security products and services’ is rooted in the…

  • irreversible economic fact that today, and for the foreseeable future, 80+% of most company’s value,                 sources of revenue, future wealth creation potential, competitiveness, and sustainability lie in – emerge           directly from intangible assets, which broadly exist in various forms of intellectual, structural, and                     relationship capital.

Given this irreversible and globally universal economic fact, is there a sound reason why…developers, vendors, and sellers of security products, systems, and services should not acquire operational level familiarity with the intangibles that effective security routinely produces?

The introduction of certain security products and services to environments can uniquely produce – deliver…human intangibles, ala the sense of feeling safe and secure, feeling respected and valued, and feeling productive.

Quite possibly then, a truer, more accurate portrait of a security product or service contributory role and value…can be assessed – measured by the intangibles it delivers to, for, and/or on behalf of the users of specific environments, or as, compliments to conventional surveillance, access control, and monitoring.

When security product developers and vendors engage in discussions about pricing…its likely they feel obliged to set prices that variously limit their maneuverability to generate returns that proportionately reflect those which the buyer will receive in the form of user intangibles, i.e., feel safe, feel secure = return visits, additional sales, positive reviews and recommendations, etc.

This suggests security product – service sellers are obliged to understand, articulate, and assign premiums to… ‘intangible assets’ when – where feasible. After all, during-the-course of your ‘sales pitch’ one is often compelled to identify-describe specific features and benefits of your product vs. a competitor’s. When (if) one can articulate ways which their product produces – delivers intangible assets which a prospective buyer recognizes and understands attaches to their sustainability, there will be one winner, you!

However, absent an interest or ability to identify and describe the array of…intangible assets a product delivers – produces, that product, irrespective of its uniqueness, will likely become merely one of many seeking a buyer.

When products are distinguished by the intangibles they produce, two important components to a ‘buy decision’ emerge…

  • distinguish price (only buyers from value-add buyers
  • helps prospective buyers – clients to recognize and respond to changing user needs and expectations, i.e., to feel safe, secure, and protected at-all-times and circumstances.

Finally, security product (system, service) marketers may find it in their interest to…dismiss (remove) subjective, FUD-language (i.e., language dramatizing fear, uncertainty, and doubt) in promotional materials and pitch scripts. The rationale for doing so is that today’s business environment is global, increasingly and predatorially competitive, and dominated by intangible asset intensive – dependent companies where security risks and threats are not singularly localized, rather pervasive, persistent, and asymmetric.

Specific insight for this post came from the fine work of Dale Furtwengler, author and consultant on numerous business issues.

Michael D. Moberly  Intangible Asset Strategist and Risk Specialist   [email protected]   St. Louis  ‘The Business Intangible Asset Blog’ since May 2006 where one’s attention span, intangible assets, and solutions converge!

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