Intangible-Laden Business Messaging…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Respectfully, let there be no doubt, this post speaks to particular – exploitable contributions and deliverables of business things intangible, e.g., value, competitive advantage, sustainability, and revenue generation, etc., providing…

  • holders + developers of those business things intangible, recognize
  • which, how, when, where, why and what to expect by introducing + exploiting same at the right time – in the right way.

In this regard, this post is intended to draw reader attention to obligatory considerations insofar as using – exploiting ‘intangible-laden business messaging’, e.g.,

  • ifhowwhen, and the preferred speed which particular ‘intangible laden business messaging’ is executed, i.e.,
  • drafted, communicated, received, and interpreted by presumably targeted audiences, insofar as reasonably ensuring ‘intangible-laden business messaging’
  • aligns with and will likely translate with its intended relevance,  
  • to-for a business initiative, pivot, and/or ‘brand missioning’ to advance a particular business perspective, initiative, or brand resolve.

Presumably, (but occasionally, awkwardly) an intent for ‘intangible-laden business messaging’ is, the targeted audiences will

  • hear it, feel it, sense it, and receive it, as intended, and
    • desirably, the messaging materializes to advance a preferred outcome.

On other occasions, not-so-much.

Many U.S. business leaders, as well as publicly elected office holders, and government policy initiators…

  • exhibit particularly adept skill sets (ala proclivities – sensitivities for explanation)
  • presumed necessary for garnering favorable support not mere attention
  • for a particular business initiative and/or legislative agenda, etc.

As a business leader, being particularly skilled at…

  • distinguishing, sewing, rationalizing, and leveraging relevant aspects to include in their ‘intangible-laden business messaging’,
    • less so on perceived – projected, perhaps unfounded – ill-conceived fears, uncertainties, and/or doubts = FUD factors.
      • assessed to be relevant to segments of affected, projected, and/or targeted consumers, voters, business sectors, interests, etc.,
      • some of whom may be issue, politic, and/or ideologically specific.

An advance consideration, whichhow will FUD factor business messaging be received – interpreted, relative to the medium it is communicated…?

Some still hold the view that dramatizing – exploiting particular FUD factors in messaging is (universally) less challenging to interpret, exploit, and resonate.

Others believe by including – dramatizing FUD factors is more

  • likely to emit – produce an immediate response, i.e., click and/or visit.
  • condensable – capturable in ‘3-4 word social media blasts’.

Recent events have apparently influenced some of the largest businesses and institutions globally to…

  • give pause to ‘intangible-laden business messaging’ whose premise is to rapidly ‘trigger’ customer – client – supporter emotions and reactions reliant on dramatized ‘FUD factor’ language which may require qualification, context, and defense later,
  • which may also, rapidly translate as ‘reputational risk’.

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