Will AI Affect How Business’s Intangible Assets Are Valued…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder kpstrat and ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog

In the impending (business operation – governance) worlds of AI, a consequence – outcome which has yet to receive the attention due is…

  • can or will business’s proprietarily developed, held, and applied intangible assets, continue to be…
    • recognizedassessed as valuable, sustainable, lucrative, and competitive advantages, ala intangible intellectual properties, etc., which are,
    • differentiate-able, defensible, and mission essential to a specific business, brand, product, and/or service?

This post, is respectfully intended to offer experiential insights – perspectives to this topic by, among other things, encouraging business leaders, management teams, boards, and investors, to

  1. reflect – project all things AI, e.g., which, when, where, and how AI can, could, and probably should be considered in the near term, for introduction to a business.
  2. recognize good-better-best ways to execute the above, lucratively, competitively, and sustainably.
  3. anticipate the various (new, different, alternative, additional) ways business leaders’ roles and contributions are likely be re-framed, measured and assessed a little differently, relative to their operational familiarity with AI to advance a business.

It’s increasingly clear, that we are in-the-midst of both AI advocacy and AI cautionary projections of various downsides and/or unfavorable realities which challengers or conventionalists conjecture are likely to follow. 

Thus far, the latter is repeatedly framed – conveyed to dampen business’s rush to, and presumptions that AI can do all its promoters and advocates’ claim, absent experiencing collateral – consequential risks, challenges, and/or liabilities.

In this post, I wish to do neither. Instead, I am merely a business intangible asset strategist and risk mitigator who holds…

  • a bunch of experiences which I consider relevant to (most) business things intangible across sectors and transactions, ala
  • whenever, however, and why-ever valuable, competitive, lucrative, sustainable, and ‘mission essential’ intangible assets are in play and/or at risk, it’s possible, I can,

collaboratively frame – guide viable options and strategies to mitigate risks and sustain – enhance asset value, competitiveness, and revenue generation capability-capacity.

I believe it’s important for businessesto acknowledge that AI…

  1. has, is, and will continue to be increasingly significant influencers – drivers to business.
  2. can be harnessed and applied ethically, lucratively, and competitively.
  3. is a fiduciarily relevant perspective that some developers – suppliers of AI will,
  4. develop-execute particular-manifestations to pursue a single and/or near-term outcome which will be,
  5. detrimental, undermining, unethical, and perhaps illegal, but extraordinarily lucrative to/for those who initially apply same.

Readers already conceive – recognize arrays of challenges and adversities which are likely on-the-horizon, relative to how, when, where, and why AI may – can be applied, and claimed to be deliverable.

There will be many more how’s, when’s, where’s, and why’s regarding AI, to be sure, ‘a bunch of which’ have yet to be conceived or experienced.

A particular challenge – adversity which I envision emerging soon is…

  • AI and/or a derivative will continue to diminish ‘creative business sectors’, wherein the,
  • development of business specific innovations, creations, and content is lessened and/or abridged irreversibly by AI produced products vs. human originators.

Business leaders, management teams, boards, and investors remain (fiduciarily) obliged to consider

  • when and by how much AI may influence – alter their need for and valuation of businesses existing and proprietarily developed, held, and applied intangible assets, deemed,
  • ‘mission essential’, e.g., to brand valuation, competitiveness, and revenue generation, etc.

Business’s mission essential intangible assets develop and contribute in various forms, contexts, and applications of…

  1. intellectual capital (knowledge-know how) 
  2. structural capital (particular-processes, procedures), and
  3. relationship capital (internal-external associations, alliances), etc., and

routinely and distinguishably – universally embed in business operating cultures.

In the impending – expansive AI application arenas, very important questions are…

  • how will ‘the mission essential’ ones which most business’s today, across sectors, are reliant and dependent,
  • be defined, differentiated, defended, safeguarded, counted, and taxed, etc., relative to current accounting-valuation standards and legal precedents and practice?

The ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ is experientially researched, written, and produced by Michael D. Moberly (since 2006 – over 1000 long form posts) to provide readers (business leaders, management teams, boards, and investors) with reliable perspectives and nuanced insights to distinguish, value, and safeguard particular – business things intangible designated as mission essential. 

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