Why Its Important For Researchers and Entrepreneurs To Safeguard Their Intangible Assets

 Michael D. Moberly    November 30, 2011

Answer: Because 65+% of a research project’s value reside in intangible assets!

1.  Proof of IP ownership no longer equates with control, use or the ability to ensure future economic benefits…

Traditional IP enforcement (protections) are routinely outpaced, circumvented and disregarded by a growing worldwide cadre of infringers, misappropriators and commercial intelligence operations. In this environment, hoped for deterrent effects of traditional IP rights protections diminish rapidly. 

2. Protection-value preservation should be designed to last for the life-value cycle of the asset, not necessarily for the life time of a company…

Competitive advantages largely evolve from getting an idea to the market first, and for some R&D projects and companies, the source of value is that race to market, not permanent protection of intellectual property. (Peter Likins)

3.  Computer/IT security is not synonymous with protecting know how…

Information-based (intangible) assets exist in many formats (other than electronic bits and bytes) which are vulnerable and not protected by computer/IT security, digital rights and authentication management.

4.  It’s not just another risk of doing business…

Ultra-sophisticated and predatorial commercial and state sponsored intelligence operations worldwide make every researcher’s and company’s innovation, intangible assets, strategic plans and competitive advantages attractive and vulnerable 24×7.  Probabilities (risks) are rapidly becoming inevitabilities relative to loss and/or value shrinkage when not addressed.

5.  Know when, what, how, and who…

Far too many researchers and companies lose, inadvertently relinquish and/or become legally entangled in disputes and challenges over the ownership, control, and use of their intangible assets – competitive advantages.  The most frequent reasons are not knowing (precisely) what should be protected and preserved, when it should be, and from what and whom.

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