Valuing Acquisition of Intangible Assets in Tech and Social Media – Part II

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Whenever, wherever, and whomever proposes the acquisition of another business’s already existing intangible assets, ala various forms, contexts, and applications of intellectual, structural, and/or relationship capital, in the tech, social media sectors, or other sectors, it is ‘due diligently prudent’ to recognize…

  1. the aspired – projected outcome(s) to an acquisition, are substantially dependent (near term and strategic) on-the-to-be-acquired assets stability, sustainability, and convertibility for competitive advantage, value, and revenue generation capabilities, etc.,
  2. which are likely – already embedded in the acquisition target’s operations and culture, and
  3. which presumably rendered that target ‘distinguishably attractive’ at the outset.

Advocates of any-every (business asset) acquisition, are fiduciarily obliged to differentiate an acquisition targets’ intangible assets which are in play, relative to their

  1. current contributory roles and value-adds being produced (individually, collectively, and collaboratively).
  2. foreseeable – expected life – competitive advantage life cycle and contribution to ROI, vis-a-vis their,
  3. stability, sustainability, origins, safeguards in place, convertibility, application cultures, and risk mitigation, etc.

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