Valuing Acquisition of Intangible Assets in Tech and Social Media – Part 1

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

For tech and social media sectors particularly, and all others, when deliberating whether-or-not to pursue an acquisition which is clearly intangible asset intensive, dependent, and reliant,

  • the due diligence and risk mitigation components to the deliberation are also (fiduciarily) obliged to qualitativelyquantitatively
  1. differentiate why, how, and when the value, competitive advantage, and revenue generation opportunities of same are sustainable, and will readily.
  2. translate as complimentary value adds when integrated and converged in a different business – operating environment wherein existing collectives and collaborations of intangible assets already exist.
  3. reflect projections as to whether the-to-be-acquired acquired assets will produce – deliver new – additional sources of value, competitive advantage, and revenue generation capability and capacity,
    • for a determinate post-acquisition period, i.e., life-value-materiality cycle, etc., of the assets in play.

Experientially, I am hard pressed to recognize any business (buy, sell, license, acquisition, etc.) initiative wherein intangible assets are (a.) deemed attractive, and (b.) sought by another business, which are not,

  • already in some state of development, commercialization, and exploitation by the assets’originator and/or current holder.

Correctly, intangible asset acquisition proposals and deliberations are (fiduciarily) obliged to include asset specific due diligence practices,

  • designed to unravel and assesses whether and how the soughtafter assets are transferable in their entirety.
  • factor and mitigate risks to the assets sustainability insofar as delivering projected values, competitive advantages, revenue generation opportunities, etc.,
    • for projected – ROI durations of their life, value, and materiality cycles,
    • when applied to a new business environment and operating culture.

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