Value Proposition: Business’s ‘Mission Essential’ Intangible Assets

Michael D. Moberly is a Business Intangible Asset Strategist, Risk Mitigator, and Founder – Principal of kpstrat and ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog

Most businesses today (and for the foreseeable future), irrespective of their size, sector, stage, sales, or location, are increasingly and irreversibly reliant + dependent on particular-intangible assets which…

  • define + create appealing and lucrative competitive advantages and discernable brand.
  • foster a more resilient and sustainable operating culture.
  • develop more revenue generation opportunities + capabilities.

Particular-intangible assets a business develops, holds, relies, and recognizes internally as ‘mission essential’ are integral tounderwrite its innovation and strategic planning, i.e., they are routinely present and materialize + converge…

  • in the beginning as ideas, i.e., collaborations of knowledge + know-how.
  • in the middle as essential, competitive, and lucrative steps, stages, processes, and procedures.
  • at the end as business favorable valuations, commercialization – distribution channels, and brand + market differentiators.

Business’ intangible assets recognized – designated as ‘mission essential’ are those which are product – brand specificin a proprietary state, hence produce value + competitive advantage to brand, because they

  • embody relevant (sets-forms-contexts-applications) of intangible asset, i.e., intellectual, structural, and/or relationship capital.
  • have been uniquely introduced at the right time, in the right place, in the right way, at the right cost.
  • differentiate a brand, product, service, and/or operating culture.

Business leaders, management teams, boards, and investors today, and for the foreseeable future, are obliged to sense this to be a (fiduciary) responsibility, i.e., recognize, it is their ‘mission essential’ intangible assets which are…

  • first to-be observed + heard to convey – constitute a business’ operating culture, i.e., its demeanor, goodwill, capabilities, and potential, etc.
  • interpreted as appealing to and possibly vulnerable to arrays of reputation risk, e.g., adverse valuation, undermining of competitive advantage, and/or misappropriation, etc., all-of-which can materialize asymmetrically and cascade @ keystroke speeds.

The ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ is experientially-researched, written, and produced by Michael D. Moberly, to provide practical insights, and sometimes alternative perspectives to readers, ala business leaders, management teams, boards, stakeholders, and investors, etc., to aid in identifying, distinguishing, assessing, valuing, safeguarding, and lucratively – competitively developing – applying their ‘mission essential’ intangible assets. 

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