Value and Materiality Cycles of Business’ Intangible Assets…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Business leaders, management teams, and investors, irrespective of sector interest and expertise, type of transaction or initiative being undertaken, are (fiduciarily) obliged to recognize as mission essential considerations, that

  • every business operation, function, service, brand, competitive advantage, value, and revenue generation capability, etc., is,

variously and irreversibly dependent and reliant on, repetitive infusions of and safeguards applied to, i.e., new and/or supplemental forms and contexts of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital, ala intangible assets, at the right time, right place, and right amount.

Similarly, each prospective beneficiary to particular – business initiatives, strategies, and/or transactions is (fiduciarily) obliged to recognize, preferably, in advance, that every plausible (aspired, projected) outcome is variously and directly – linked to repeatedly distinguishing

  • the contributory roles, values, and materiality (life) cycles of particularly relevant business things intangible.

Pursuing any (business) transaction or initiative, absent factoring that readily available and gleanable insight regarding the value and materiality cycles of specific business things intangible, can, and routinely does converge and cascade as…

  1. unnecessary risk, which unnecessarily translate as hastening the degradation and undermining, ala impairing the value, materiality, competitiveness, and revenue generation capability of essential business things essential,
  2. as well as add costs and time to endeavors to achieve aspired – projected outcomes.
  3. presuming otherwise, by omission or deference to convention or past practices is hardly visionary,
    1. as neither conveys appreciation of current – foreseeable business development and operational realities wherein intangible asset intensity, dependence, and reliance is an irreversible global norm.

Absent incorporating these relevant considerations as prudent and do-able routines, achieving lucrative, competitive, sustainable, and ROI outcomes is less likely to be replicable.

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