Transforming Novel Ideas, Innovation, and R&D to Startup Businesses…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder kpstrat and ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog – Business Intangible set Strategies and Risk Mitigator

Bringing novel ideas, innovation, and research to semblance of a viable startup business, needs + warrants experiential founders, leaders, and management teams to converge their intangible assets, i.e., intellectual, structural, and relationship capital, to, among many other things…

  • form an attractive + sustainable operating culture to pursue their mission.
  • foresee + prevail over arrays of challenges + hurdles, some of which may be ‘startup specific’.

Recognizing – appreciating the range of questions which prospective investors will variously ask – attach importance when startups pitch their investment capital as described in this series of posts…

  • represents reliably projectable components to startups’ stages of development + management prowess.

Accordingly, I encourage startup founders, leaders, and management teams to consider, discuss, and strategize early + frequently.

Of course, some startups may interpret such advocacy (initially) to be premature. I do not agree. It works.

Startup founders – management teams that pause to reflect on – recognize‘questions prospective investors are likely to ask’, actually-constitute managerial expectations for startup leaders, therefore

  • the manner-in-which investors’ questions are framed and asked represent investor expectations which their ‘invest – don’t invest’ decision is centered.

Startups recognition – appreciation of same, i.e., the various ways prospective investor questions materialize as specific insight to – translate as relevant what’s, how’s, why’s, and when’s.  In turn, startup founders, et al are obliged to be influenced to plan + lead + manage accordingly.

Too, when ‘prospective investor questions’ are acknowledged – incorporated in startup development and management, they can serve as…

  • clearer, meaningful, and measurable guides to business modeling and differentiating performance indicators,
    • which startup valuations + future investment prospects are universally judged.

I am often asked to bring relevance + clarity to prospective investor questions and startups’ responses (to those questions) which the latter is obliged to research, discuss, strategize, and prepare in advance of every ‘pitch’.

Frequently this involves bringing clarity, differentiating, and mediating conventionally formed perspectives, ala misconceptions, misinterpretations, misunderstandings which either party may hold.

Relevance + clarity in these matters, often include guiding – demonstrating to either party why it’simportant and how to unravel – differentiate the ‘mission essential’ intangible assets in play relative to their particular…

  • contributory – collaborative roles, value adds, and proprietary status to a business’s outcomes, valuation, competitiveness, revenue generation potential, and sustainability.

Startup founders, et al, are obliged to recognize this universal business economic – operation truism, i.e., irrespective of sector, mission, maturity, product, or service, each is intangible asset intensive, dependent, and reliant.

This translates as each business – startups’ attractivity, valuation, competitive advantage, revenue generation potential, and sustainability is reliant on the right intangible assets being-introduced – applied at the right time, in the right place, at the right cost.

The ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ is experientially-researched, written, and produced by Michael D. Moberly, to provide perspectives, insights, and additional and sometimes alternative perspectives to readers, ala business leaders, management teams, boards, and investors, etc., to aid in identifying, distinguishing, assessing, valuing, safeguarding, and lucratively – competitively utilizing -applying their ‘mission essential’ intangible assets. 

Readers are-encouraged to review and comment on this, and other posts wherein arrays of issues related to business things intangible are authentically and practically-conveyed.


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