Transaction Outcomes and Intangible Assets In Play…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Business leadership is obliged to recognize in every (business) transaction, proprietary intangible assets exist and will inevitably be in play, in various forms and contexts of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital along with the various competitive advantages and value either produces + their enabling (probably proprietary) knowhow.

Having that awareness + operational familiarity from the outset is what I describe as a ‘ROI prelude’ to negotiating any transaction, i.e., development, structure, and execution.

Disappointingly, there is often too little recognition of – attention to the complete (pre + post transaction) portrait of the intangible assets in play

  • much of this can be favorably mitigated with leader + negotiator foresight to seek and achieve operational familiarity with business things intangible in advance.

Effectively doing this, can be an important entrée for sellers and/or buyers of business things intangible insofar as recognizing and differentiating relevant connections to how, why, which, and when key intangible assets are in play and at risk

  • relative to a probability of negotiating + potentially benefitting from and increasing the probability that a desired (ROI) outcome is achievable,
    • dependent also on conducting pre – post transaction due diligence specific to the intangible assets in play.

It’s essential that leadership’ appreciation for business things intangible reaches beyond conventional (intangible asset) valuation processes, especially in light of the irreversible economic fact – business operation reality that…

  • 80+% of most business’s value, sources of revenue, competitiveness, and sustainability lie in – emerge directly from intangible assets,
  • however, risks to same are asymmetric, unrelenting, and unforgiving, and routinely materialize at keystroke speeds.

Respectfully written for your consideration by M


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