They’re Stealing Our Intellectual Property…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

‘They are stealing our IP’ has become a ‘go to’ refrain shouted by various entities – groups who claim to have a stake or interest, e.g.,

  • political – ideological projection – advancement of a position or cause, and/or
  • rationale to influence near term executive action or future legislation, i.e.,
    • impose various sanctions on the alleged – presumed culprits and ‘cooperating governments – leaders which are presumed to encourage, sponsor, or support same.

Not infrequently, the shouted perspectives convey a presumption that an adversarial – competitive advantage government leader…

  1. has either personal knowledge of and/or endorses the particular (alleged) wrongdoing, and
  2. possess the capability to ‘flip a switch’ and suddenly misappropriation and infringement of others IP (intellectual properties) particularly that which is held – issued to U.S. entities, i.e., businesses, individuals, institutions, and organizations, etc., will miraculously stop

it’s unlikely that is gonna happen!

Rooted in kpstrat’s experiences on these matters, it is imprudent and signals short-term perspectives to presume or argue…

  • there are ‘quick fixes’ to trade imbalances and/or predatorially aggressive and competitive advantage (global) business development and transaction environments.
  • directly correlates to theft – misappropriation – infringement of privately held IP, i.e., patents, trademarks, copyrights and/or information (intellectual, structural, relationship capital) designated as proprietary or complying with the requisites of trade secrecy. 

There is absolutely no doubt…it has been proven (in investigations – court rooms in the U.S.) countless times, kpstrat research notwithstanding, misappropriation, infringement, and theft (i.e., acts of economic espionage) perpetrated against U.S. issued – held IP occurs far too regularly.

Framing theft-misappropriation-infringement of privately held-issued IP via ‘click bait simplicities’, seldom will same reliably…

  • produce strategic, sustaining, or ‘load bearing’ outcomes.
  • reflect globally predatorial and aggressively competitive business development and transaction environments that will drive either for the foreseeable future.

kpstrat is not suggesting that persistent risks to U.S. business’ ability to sustain their competitiveness, e.g., sustain control, use, ownership, and value of their IP, et al,

  • warrants anything less than executive – legislative attention – action at the highest levels, and
  • pursue reasonable mitigation amongst the global players, their surrogates, proxies, and partners.

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