Intangible Asset Protections Are More Reactive Than Proactive!

Michael D. Moberly     July 9, 2008

There are numerous challenges and vulnerabilities to effectively safeguarding intangible assets…many of which arise from consequences to…

1. Significant voids which are routinely left insofar as…safeguards being applicable to data-information embedded in intellectual, structural, and relationship capital (intangible) assets. 

2. Large percentages of intangible asset safeguard initiatives…remain-based on theftthreat – scenarios rather than value dilution — competitive advantage undermining  scenarios…

3. The persistent adverse affects of globally predatorial competitor-business intelligence…information brokering, and data mining operations which are routinely omitted from information asset protection – value preservation equations

4. Computer/IT security remains largely ‘one dimensional’…that is, it is primarily geared toward protecting data in stored states and/or during its transmission. 

5. Characterizing computer/IT security and information asset safeguards as…being synonymous, constitutes a serious miscalculation and misunderstanding about the content, format, value and most of all, vulnerability of intangible assets, ala intellectual and structural capital, particularly.

6. Legal mechanisms to enforce (safeguard) the economic side of…innovation and competitive advantage which the rightful holders – owners could reasonably expect from commercialization, exploitation, licensing initiatives and/or as intellectual property, are reactive, not proactive. 

     a. That is, they apply after losses, compromises, infringements, and/or               counterfeiting has occurred, assuming of course, it becomes known in a         timely manner!

Michael D. Moberly m.moberly@kpstrat,com St. Louis ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ since May 2006, 600+ published posts, where one’s attention span, business intangible asset challenges, and solutions converge!


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