The Knowledge-Based Economy, Intangible Assets, and Company Culture…

Michael D. Moberly   June 10, 2010

A company culture is a shared system of values and practices that become blended with other norms and beliefs that send very influential and strategic messages to employees and stakeholders about a company’s attitudes and behaviors, by defining what’s important.  

A company culture will emerge (be observed) as management teams, boards, and employees recognize the beneficial (economic, competitive advantage) outcomes that can accrue as they engage and solve problems through a ‘company culture’ platform consisting of shared norms, values, beliefs, attitudes, and practices about intangible assets.  These can accrue in the form of achieving efficiencies, advancing competitive advantages, and elevating a companies reputation value, etc. (Adapted by Michael D. Moberly from the work of Dr. Edgar Shein)

A mature, well oriented, and nurtured company culture lays permanency and depth to collectively (a.) identifying and distinguishing the various types of intangible assets within a company and how and where they’re produced, (b.) recognizing how intangible assets are present in most every company process, initiative, and/or transaction, and (c.) acquiring confidence to engage, manage, and oversee intangibles to benefit and enhance particular projects, business units, or the company as a whole.  This can occur by, among other things, building, strengthening, and sustaining competitive advantages and customer and supplier relationships.

A company’s (strategic) growth plans rely not just on the ability to scale up numbers, but on maintaining things like quality, responsiveness, and product-service quality.  If growth occurs by acquisition or if non-core opportunities are to be spun off, then all intangible asset areas require special attention-consideration by management teams, boards, and employees. 

This is why an intangible asset focused company culture is not merely important, its essential to success!

Each ‘Business IP and Intangible Asset Blog’ post is researched and written by Mr. Moberly to provide respectful and useful insights for companies, their management teams, boards, and employees to aid in identifying, assessing, valuing, protecting, and profiting from their intangible assets.  I welcome and respect your comments and perspectives at [email protected].


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