The Intangibles in Brands and Branding

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

The branding of most products and/or services, ala their marketability, receptivity, revenue generation potential, resilience, and sustainability, etc., are generally and variously ‘intangible asset’ intensive, dependentreliant, on

  1. the resourcing, introduction, and convergence of relevant types – categories (forms, constructs, applications, contexts, and/or blends) ala inputs of, intellectual, structural, and relationship (intangible) capital,
  2. articulated, resourced, and introduced to – in relevant mediums, and for relevant audiences – places, at the right time, right place, and right way.

…this is how I am experientially inclined to characterize most branding processes, as a business intangible asset strategist and risk mitigator.

Branding and brands underlying a product, service, and/or offering, etc.should probably be resourced – marketed relative to the potential to be ‘indeterminately sustainable’, rather than what appears rather routinely, to be a presumption of (a new product, service, etc.) being attractive – desirable – worthy of holding – investing, etc., for a ‘determinate period-of-time,

  • in anticipation of and/or while awaiting the introduction of the-new-next generation-similar-comparable-best-thing in-a-sector-pipeline by the initiating business or variations of global competitors.

Its obligatory for either marketing initiative to…

  1. influence holders – users of existing (and/or comparable) products or services (even those produced – branded by a competitor)
  2. sway projected – sought-after (new) users, (b.) consider – presume any new or updated product – service will be more desirable and necessary, by
  3. characterizing previous versions and/or models of same will-may likely-be-rendered (variously) obsolete in the-foreseeable-future, and
  4. messaging to ‘join the crowd, buy new, and avoid inevitable (risks, hacks, and soon-to-be interface-compatibility) challenges.

There is minutia of other (important – relevant) ‘intangibles’ (inputs, factors, variables, etc.) which also have a bearing on – contribute (favorably, or un-favorably) to…

  • brand development, investment, marketing to influence translate to buyer felt need + demand
  • to hold a particular branded product – service, or an updated – new version-of-same, relative to its desired – initial,
    • valuation,
    • revenue generation capacity – capability,
    • resilience to competition and risk, and
    • sustainability.

As they should, branding strategists – brand managers, (whom I am familiar) recognize and seek…

  • (upfront) to resource, introduce and converge particular – intangibles relative to design, functionality, and characterization ala relevant – accommodating language, demeanor, etc., for an updated – new versions of a product and/or service,
  • intended to influence and translate to buyer felt need + demand to hold same in the near term.
  • to attract – appeal to particular-buyers, ala customers consumers, and/or clients’ (and investors) today, tomorrow, and presumably for indeterminate periods of time, in the future,
  • with same being variously – overseen (guided, directed, managed) for (brand) resilience and sustainability, et al (insofar-as-markets and revenue generation, etc.)

When same or a comparable strategy is executed, its more probable a brand and/or branding initiative will translate (among other outcomes) to positive brand ($) valuations.

Brand – branding resilience and sustainability ala ‘valuation and competitiveness’ is routinely subject to ‘tweakable debate (i.e., assurance, re-assurance, quantification, qualification, variables, etc.) variously reflective of…

  1. users, consumers, stakeholders, investors,
  2. oversight, anticipation, and management of favorable or unfavorable (adverse) events and/or circumstances, and foreseeability of same, and
  3. the asymmetric manner either can occur, i.e., when, where, how, why, and the who which influence the materialization (impact the cost, longevity, irreversibility) of either as a risk adversity and whether – how same (or a variation) can-may cascade (asymmetrically) throughout a brand and/or brand enterprise @ keystroke speeds.

The above represent experiential perspectives and preferably clarity, I advocate @ ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ and generate as a ‘business intangible asset strategist and risk mitigator’…

  • wherein a business and the brand(s) it has developed internally – acquired externally, and hold,
  • the sustainability, competitive advantage, revenue generation, and valuation, are
  • obliged to be recognized as underliers – foundations to-for its offerings, i.e., products, services, and capabilities (today, and going forward) collectively – collaboratively converge to constitute ‘brand’, and are,
  • encouraged toreflect whathow same are – overseen, managed, safeguarded, and ‘tweaked’ overtime.

Observationallyexperientially, the timeframes in which a branded product – service may be…

  • projected and resourced to becomelucrative and valuable,
  • defined and measured to reflect a branding’ convention (style, form, practice, etc.) that conceivably – presumably will converge at a particular time, in a particular way, place, context, and for a predictable duration, insofar-as…
  • developingcreating a ‘lucratively sustainable awareness’ (interest – attraction, ala buzz) within a targeted audience, and
  • accommodatingaligning various – ways – mediums either may accrue, within a presumably optimum brand marketinglaunch window, now variously imagined and framed in nearer term contexts, relative to arrays of national – global – political – ideological – economic, and environmental influences – risks projected to materialize.

Readers (of this post @ ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog) are respectfully – encouraged to juxtapose the experiential and observational perspectives described above, with

The findings and conclusions emerging from Havas’ Media Groups’ 2021 Meaningful Brands Survey of ‘Brand Value’ which finds consumers are entering ‘The Age of Cynicism’.

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