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Michael D. Moberly, Intangible Asset Strategist & Risk Specialist

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An irreversible principle (economic fact, business operation reality) influencing and sustaining kpstrat’s energy and work on behalf of businesses, clients, and (business things intangible) curriculum participants, lie in acknowledging,

  • 80+% of most business’s value, sources of revenue, sustainability, and myriad ‘building blocks’ for innovation, growth, and profitability, irrespective of sector, emerge from the acquisition, development, collaborative convergence, and exploitation of intangible assets at the right time, i.e., various forms of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital.

Admittedly, much of kpstrat’s experiential research manifesting as business guidance and services related to business things intangible transforms conventional (business) thought and practice which has been largely dominated by business things tangible and physical. kpstrat endeavors to align those conventions with the realities of business IA intensity and dependency =

  • leader (fiduciary) obligation to acquire an operational familiarity for identifying and unraveling the contributory roles + value of business things intangible. 

These responsibilities, I routinely argue, include effective stewardship and exploitation of (a.) business specific intangible assets, (b.) their contributory roles and value, and (c.) the revenue streams and competitive-collaborative advantages those assets support and create.  

  • absent business appreciation for these obligations, intangible asset value can be overlooked, perhaps dismissed, and lose their initial value and competitive advantage, with diminished options for further (asset) commercialization and/or monetization.

Not coincidentally, is another business operation reality, i.e., conventionally issued intellectual property, patents in – particular, are no longer representative, or consistent indicators of (a.) business innovation standing, or (b.) value. 

Conventionally issued patents, in most instances, can advance a business economically and competitively only so long as the rightful holder can preserve – sustain ownership, control, use, competitive advantage, and innovative value. Achieving same, is obliged to reach well beyond the conventional (reactive) IP enforcements and audits.

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