Selling The Intangible Assets Produced By Security Products And Services

Michael D. Moberly   August 24, 2009          (Part One of Two Part Post)

Knowing how to identify and effectively explain ‘security intangibles’ should become integral to every vendors’ sales vocabulary and repertoire.  Vendors of security products, i.e., alarms, intrusion detection systems, CCTV, computer/IT security programs, etc., should ensure their ‘pitch’ and promotional materials effectively address the value added intangible assets that routinely accompany and/or become a positive by-product of their product or service.  Security intangibles however, are (a.) frequently overlooked, (b.) not translated effectively, or (c.) left to prospective clients’ imagination to recognize for themselves.  

Why should ‘security intangibles’ become integral to every vendors’ sales vocabulary and repertoire?  First, its an economic fact that 65+% most company’s (a.) value, (b.) sources of revenue, (c.) sustainability, and (d.) foundations for future growth and expansion lie in – are directly linked to intangible assets.  Second, security vendors encounter more enlightened management (procurement, risk, specification, etc.) teams that understand both the added value that intangibles bring to their company’s bottom line as well as the risks to those intangibles.  Third, dismissing ‘security intangibles’ as being irrelevant to either sales or client management practices will increasingly become a factor in the sale – no sale equation.  

Most security products/services are capable of delivering a much broader spectrum of measurable client benefits (i.e., intangible assets) aside from the conventional and subjective appeal to risk-threat mitigation.  Effectively integrating ‘security intangibles’ in sales repertoire and promotional materials can add a competitive advantage that truly distinguishes one security product/service company from another.

Why aren’t ‘security intangibles’ more routinely articulated components of sales presentations?  In part its due to the mistaken perception that intangibles are (a.) too challenging to explain to prospective clients or too esoteric to integrate into product/service promotion because they lack physicality, or (b.) synonymous with intellectual property or company goodwill and therefore presumed to fall outside the realm of (tangible only) benefits derived from security products and services.


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