Risks to Reputation and Brand 2020…the microphone leaders hold is comparable!

Michael D. Moberly, Business Intangible Asset Strategist & Risk Specialist [email protected]

Some key preludes to mitigating the materialization of business reputation and brand risk, lie (experientially), in obligations to recognize and distinguish

  1. circumstances in which an economic – competitive advantage adversary will assume motivation to commence risk to particular – intangible assets held by another, ala their reputation and/or brand.
  2. the various ways – routes risk to business reputation and brand can, and are likely to, materialize.
  3. the probability those risk(s) can – will cascade throughout an enterprise (vertically, horizontally, and externally, etc.).
  4. the keystroke speeds which reputation and/or brand can come into question through unfavorable scrutiny, and diminish, along with dis-association.

Today, accompanying each of the above, are numerous other sensitive and amplified aspects of risk to business reputation and brand. 

Some risks emerge through inadvertent utterances by business leadership which may/can be interpreted as political and/or ideological (personal) preferences and then framed (correctly, incorrectly) at keystroke speed, as being aligned and/or associated with an already socially polarizing perspective. Thereby, setting the stage for reputation – brand risk to materialize and potentially cascade, absent mercy or receptivity for truth or explanation.

As an intangible asset strategist and risk specialist, I counsel against assuming the above is (a.) relevant only to the voices of mega-sector, front street business leaders, and therefore, (b.) less relevant to modest leaders and management team members of small – medium sized enterprises (SME’s) and institutions.

I respectfully convey the microphones each holds, are obliged to be considered comparable, but capable of being applied differently!

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