Risks to Business Intangible Assets, How Risk Is Conceived and Portrayed…

Michael D. Moberly, Business Intangible Asset Strategist & Risk Specialist

     Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, not infrequently I find, rather blissfully presume any global (competitive, economic) attractivity to their research outcome(s) commences primarily or only, upon completion or market – consumer availability. Respectfully, I encourage all to re-consider such perspectives, key of which is conveyed below.

  • I am hard-pressed to describe any aspect – component related to business development, transactions, and/or execution, etc., in which there are inherent risks, some of which may elevate relative to economic competitiveness and/or political preferences and/or ideological demands.

     At some point during many of my engagements, when this, or similar perspectives about ‘business risk’ become evident and are diversely expressed, I find, not-infrequently, such perspectives are variously linked to what I characterize as ‘internal business competitiveness and/or rivalries, e.g.,

  • whose risk (should it materialize) would be the most detrimental to a particular -project, department, service, or the business as-a-whole, which frequently correlates to which business entity can ‘objectively’ convey same more dramatically and persuasively. 
  • Respectfully, this may not consistently lead to addressing business risk in a necessarily consistent good, better, or best manner.

     Too, conceiving – portraying business risks in this manner, is not entirely wrong, in my judgement (as a business intangible asset strategist and risk specialist). In many respects, the sense of internal competitiveness with respect describing and vying for presumably finite business risk resources, should be applauded, especially when there is consideration given to specific business things intangible.

     My sense is,such perspectives are obliged to be energized, not diminished,and also, guided to laser focus on a business’s, project’s, and/or department’s distinguishable (and hence, most valuable and competitive) intangible assets, i.e., the intellectual, structural, and relationship capital which are naturally embedded in and mission essential to achieving the projected economic and competitive advantage objectives which have been projected.

Hence the laser focus on risks to business things intangible!


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