Risk to Business Things Intangible…

Michael D. Moberly, Intangible Asset Strategist & Risk Specialist

When challenges – risks to a business’s mission essential intangible assets materialize, adversely affecting the products, services, and outcomes of developed intellectual, relationship, and/or structural capital, they often do so asymmetrically, and @ keystroke (social media) speeds.  

The adverse effects of risk to business things intangible, can, when left unrecognized, unchecked, and/or ineffectively mitigated, unsympathetically cascade throughout an enterprise to undermine various other revenue generating – competitive advantage intangible assets, often irreversibly.

And, once risks to business things intangible materialize, seldom can the targeted – affected assets be retrieved fully intact.

Risk to business intangible assets, oblige leadership and management teams to not presume the compromised assets’ contributory roles, value, and competitive advantages (to a business’s value, revenue generation capacity, reputation, brand, goodwill, and sustainability, etc.) can be readily replicated, repurposed, or re-applied w/o incurring significant effort, cost, and (asset specific) risk mitigation.

  • Especially now, under the increasingly sensitive scrutiny of more risk intelligent – risk adverse buyers, consumers, and potential advertisers.

Absent operational familiarity with business things intangible,

  • in today’s aggressively predatorial, globally competitive, go fast – go hard, winner-take-all business-innovation (development, trade, and transaction) environments,
  • vulnerabilities + risk probabilities to mission essential intangible assets risk can quickly transition to inevitabilities and materialize to be irrevocably detrimental to business value, competitive advantage, brand, reputation, and revenue generation capability.

Risk to business’s mission essential intangible assets is best mitigated when recognized in advance.

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