Risk Resilience for Business Intangible Assets…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal – Founder, kpstrat

Not-to-be-overlooked preludes to ensuring a – your business’s valuable – revenue generating, and ‘mission essential’ intangible assets (which are often uniquely ‘home grown’ nuanced, and held) become reasonably ‘resilient’ to risk, lie with recognizing how (business) risk

  • develops (indicators – portents) emerge, materialize, and likely commence cascading throughout an enterprise (and beyond) @ keystroke speeds, to
    • undermine (a business’s) competitive advantages, valuation, revenue generation capacity, and sustainability, e.g.,
      • produces costly and potentially irreversible challenges to a business’s brand, reputation, goodwill, and relationship capital affecting customers, clients, suppliers, contracts, and transactions.

These and other adversities (realities) which can suddenly dominate all else, are obliged to translate (for risk mitigation – resilience purposes) as (fiduciary) responsibilities to recognize

  1. the necessity for a business to remain sustainable includes…returning to (business) operational normalcy (amid – post risk event) as rapidly and completely as possible with mission essential intangible assets reasonably intact, i.e., their contributory roles, value, competitive advantage, and revenue generation capability.
  • risk resilience commences best when asset holders, defenders, investors (and risk mitigation) acknowledge at-the-outset that…80+% of most businesses value, revenue generation capability, competitiveness, and sustainability, irrespective of sector, size, products/services, stage, or maturity lie in – emerge directly from intangible (non-physical) assets, e.g.,
  • various forms, contexts, and applications of ‘home grown’ intellectual, structural, relationship, and ‘operating cultural’ capital
  • developed, honed, and applied at the right time, right place, and right way,

Contextual scaffolds to building more ‘risk resilient’ businesses…initially lie with leaders, management teams, stakeholders, and investors of intangible asset intensivedependent businesses, differentiating

  1. when, where, how, and why particular ‘business things intangible’ are being applied + their contributory roles and value, ala centrality, to mission objectives, i.e., lucrative – competitive and sustainable interactions, transactions, and outcomes, etc.
  2. vulnerability, probability, and criticality of those assets to (a.) business, and (b.) ranges – continuums of risk including agenda motivated – public trolling and ransomware attacks.

Experientially, preludes to achieving + sustaining prudent levels of business ‘risk resiliency’ (today, and for the foreseeable future) are obliged to recognize (business) risk

  1. is persistent, not periodic, nor one-and-done-till-next time,
  2. instead, risk probability is always on and can be independently delivered and materialize at others will, motives, and intent to produce harm, 24/7/365.
  3. purveyors can be state-corporate sponsored, and/or for-profit (criminally malicious) independent actors operating local, global, and/or sectoral.   
  4. target (vulnerability, probability, criticality) may vary relative to asset holders, defenders, risk mitigation, and investors perspective.
  5. most all (threatened – materialized) risk carries the capability to cascade beyond (conventional legal – contractual – service area) boundaries,
  6. especially when IT and/or structural capital (perhaps proprietary) systems, components, and/or operations are adversely affected.
  7. extrication from – recouping harm to (business, product, service) reputation, brand, supply-value chain relation capital, etc., is costly and time consuming.
  8. too, initiatives (advantages, incentives) to ‘publicly with-draw’ a business from being associated with a particular risk event is increasingly predicated on some type-level of acquiescence and/or assumption of (prior) vulnerability and (present) responsibility.

Structuring business ‘risk resiliency’ is akin to (conventional) continuity – contingency planning, i.e., having relevant options and alternatives readily applicable to mitigate loss, with same being

defensible, memorable, un-offensive, and meaningfully delivered…

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