Remedies ‘They Are Stealing Our Intellectual Property’…

Michael D. Moberly, Intangible Asset Strategist & Risk Specialist

‘A business intangible asset blog where attention span really matters.’

Let’s be clear, there is no reason to doubt – there should be no debate that theft, infringement, and misappropriation of U.S. intellectual property content, i.e., intellectual, structural, and relationship capital embedded in – underlying conventionally issued patents, copyrights, trademarks and other forms of business proprietary information and research that deliver value + competitive advantage, occurs routinely. Full stop!

However, the phrase ‘they are stealing our intellectual property’…in my experiential judgement, have come to be political refrains, predictably and periodically conveyed by U.S. administrations. In this context, the details of the (legislative) markup and the end-product, are obliged to be closely examined.

For example, acknowledging IP theft, misappropriation, and infringement as timeless and perpetual business-to-business (government) operating realities, not solely weaponized political rationale to garner support for what is touted to be corrective action, a deterrent, or punishment.

To this, it’s important to recognize, it’s an irreversible economic fact, today, and for the foreseeable future, that…

  • 80+% of most business’s value, sources of revenue, competitive advantage, reputation, and sustainability lie in – emerge directly from the exploitation of business things intangible, i.e., various forms and applications of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital = intellectual property.
  • growing percentages live and work in globally intertwined and ‘supply chained’ business environments, parts of which are aggressively and unforgivingly predatorial, and
  • most all business operations, services, products, and functions, are, intangible asset intensive and dependent, and
  • require the acquisition, development, and periodic infusions of relevant variations of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital, i.e., business things intangible, for competitiveness, value, revenue generation, sustainability, reputation, and brand.


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