Recognizing Business Things Intangible

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

@ Business Intangible Asset Blog (via 700+ posts, since May 2006), the following are conveyed as leadership (fiduciary) obligations, which in turn are obliged to be received and interpreted as experientially objective rationales, i.e.,

  • why, how, when, and probable outcomes which can and routinely do emerge when business leadership and management teams’ mindfully and repeatedly engage their business things intangible.

Respectfully, I still (routinely) observe and encounter business (leader, influencer) strategies, circumstances, and operations (across sectors) in which fundamental categories, types, applications, and inputs of business things intangible

  • are already materially present, but
  • may yet to be, or are awaiting recognition and exploitation, which obligatorily commences by,
  • differentiating – assessing their various and specific contributory roles and value add (potential) to particular – business operations, a brand, and/or be reflected throughout a business’s mission, culture, and sustainability strategies.

For most business’s, the (various) contributory roles and value-adds to be derived from(developing – exploiting) intangible assets (at the right time, right place, etc.) and emerge, converge, and preferably materialize as…

  • competitive advantages, a favorable – sustainable operating culture, efficiencies, and/or revenue generation capabilities, etc.,
  • often irrespective of whether leadership (formally) acknowledges – differentiates, and specifically exploits same.

Equivalently, business leadership, in my view, are (fiduciarily) obliged to be receptive to recognizing business things intangible described here, represent…

  • additions to the specialized intellectual, structural, and relationship capital, (ala knowledge and know how),
    • (a.) necessarily included in provisional – conventional patent applications,
    • (b.) designated as (business) proprietary and/or trade secrecy,
    • (c.) presumed to encompass generational conceptualizations of a business’s brand and/or branding processes.

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