Michael D. Moberly – October 25, 2023

Pursuance – issuance of intellectual property represents a shared ambition for many innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, as well as business leaders.

Pursuance – issuance of intellectual property is an undertaking I routinely encourage developers – holders of – investors in unique, proprietary, potentially valuable, and transferrable intangible assets consider exercising at early stages.

IP pursuance and issuance can serve as an additional – accompanying safeguard and risk mitigator to/for innovation which the rightful originator – developer – holder may wish, at some point, to endeavor to monetize, commercialize, and/or license.

IP pursuance and issuance often finds a receptive audience among innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and scientists. IP pursuance – issuance is routinely characterized as (a.) requisite to attracting investment, and (b.) obligatory by legal counsel.

IP pursuance and issuance can represent-convey a principled message to external discussants wherein unique and presumably proprietarily developed knowledge, knowhow, processes, procedures, and associations (related to an innovation) are necessarily revealed to convey origination, ownership, relevance, applications, potential valuation, and scalable commercialization, etc.

IP pursuance and issuance translate to/for developers of innovation as a universally respected personal and/or professional qualifier and/or differentiator.

IP pursuance and issuance can deservedly elevate an innovation developers’ standing in their field study and do similar for a project-innovation (early-stage business) leader.

IP pursuance and issuance should not be portrayed as, or allowed to be interpreted by, innovation developers – IP holders as a sufficiently solitary, standalone, or even primary means to sustain the proprietary status of unique innovation.

IP pursuance and issuance is more prudently portrayed – recognized as a relevant, perhaps essential/initial prelude to (a.) attract sufficient investment to (b.) commence a strategy (steps – stages) to (c.) advance innovation, and (d.) exhibit same to prospective investors.

I discourage IP pursuance and issuance be conveyed to holders as constituting sufficient or stand-alone safeguards – risk mitigation to innovation, i.e., unique – proprietary forms, contexts, and applications of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital which serve as foundations, underliers, and contributors to innovation.

Safeguarding – mitigating risk to early-stage innovation which holds valuable, competitive, lucrative, and commercialize-able properties, is (fiduciarily) obliged to reach well beyond the issuance of IP, or the mere reliance on computer security technologies, protocols, and passwords.

It is wholly imprudent and inattentive risk-taking to presume the mere issuance of IP constitutes a ‘complete package’ to prevent and/or deter misappropriation, infringement, or the materialization of reputation or misinformation risks to innovation.

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