Professional Service Firms’ Intangible Asset Deliverables A Lucrative Game Change Strategy!

Michael D. Moberly May 11, 2016 A blog where attention span really matters!

Expand deliverables to include intangible assets. Create new sources of sustainable revenue, enhance firm value, reputation, and competitiveness. Rationale…

• It is an irreversible economic fact that…80+% of most company’s value, revenue, competitiveness, and sustainability today lie in – evolve directly from IA’s developed internally or acquired externally.

• In every business activity, initiative, and/or transaction…valuable – competitive IA’s will be in play and at risk.

• Delivery of professional services are legitimately premised…on client companies, management teams, and boards recognizing their fiduciary responsibility, arising from Stone v Ritter, to ask…

…is their company properly positioned, insofar as possessing the expertise and skill sets, to identify, unravel, develop, bundle, utilize, and extract – exploit as much value and competitive advantage as possible from its IA’s, while simultaneously safeguarding and monitoring risks to those assets’, which, if materialized, are all but certain to adversely affect the assets’ materiality, contributory value, competitive advantage, and sources of sustainable revenue.

• Intangible asset identification…assessment, exploitation, and risk mitigation are integral to client company’s economics, competitive advantages, and (global) commercial success.

• Acquiring sufficient operational familiarity…of IA’s to design, market, and deliver client specific services are now fundamental requisites to professional service firm’s strategic planning, expansion, sustainability, and revenue generation.

• Each professional service firm deliverable…is obliged to recognize strategies to exploit – apply client companies unique knowhow, particularly where there is clear IA intensity and dependency held in intellectual, relationship, structural, and creative capital.

• Its imprudent for professional service firms to characterize…client company’s IA’s are mere addendums (subordinate) to conventional IP (intellectual property).

• Operational familiarity with IA’s are legitimate entrées for professional service firms to…re-engage existing clients and engage new – prospective clients…

• Professional service firms that frame their services to encompass IA identification, stewardship, management, and stewardship can expect 15+% growth…in billable client services in year one following effective marketing and delivery.


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