Political Intangible Assets 2021…third in a series

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

I am confident there are studies which may not be conveyed here, which could shed more particularized light on this central question…

  • are there relevant and comparable correlations between acquiring, utilizing, and exploiting,
    • business things intangible by business leaders, management team members, and investors, etc., and
    • political things intangible by those who hold elected public office (local, state, federal)?

Intangible assets are non-physical – non-tangible. They are broadly categorized and materialize in various forms, contexts, and applications of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital, e.g., the seemingly endless ways either can – could be applied, collaborated, and integrated in a product and/or service with a presumably favorable outcome.

More specifically, the perspective I endeavor to present for reader consideration here (as a business intangible asset strategist and risk specialist) is a sense some elected public office holders perhaps (whether they express operational familiarity with the ‘intangible assets’ specifics or not) exhibit…

  • responsivity to when, where (circumstances), and how to apply and exploit particular – intangible assets (ideologically, politically) to advance or sustain a position tangential to a public office which they have been elected.

Arguably, political things intangibles present day, surface and materialize @ at will, and @ keystroke speeds 24/7/365, e.g.,

  • some elected public office holders convey – exhibit (seemingly) a sense of (political – ideological) obligation,
    • presumed to be obligatorily necessary for sustaining an elected public office, i.e., responses and positioning @ keystroke speeds, and
    • presumed (near term) advantages for doing so, coupled with  
    • presumed demand and premium for their opinion(s) to be framed, delivered, and received in constituents – followers inboxes @ keystroke speeds in-the-midst of unraveling and evolving circumstance and/or event.

Arguably too, those who may bereceptiveand inclined (independently, collectively, or collaboratively) to pursue, become aligned (politically, ideologically) and perhaps endeavor to leverage same, i.e., a particular-event, circumstance, situation, behavior, utterance, with (political, ideological) commentary appears to be an irreversible norm with little constituent – follower tolerance for variance.

For some elected public office holders, publicly conveying influenced perspectives and/or interpretations @ ‘keystroke speeds’ via social media platforms…

  • with previously unimaginable reach, wherein
  • ‘constituent’ is being variously substituted for ‘follower’ may not consistently or necessarily be a good thing.

As alluringly expedient and variously addictive as these circumstances may be, will same consistently be a good thing either.

Respectfully, some readers may construe this perspective represents a too-subjective leap. I invite review of a range of posts @ Business Intangible Asset Blog.


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