Political Intangible Assets 2021…fourth in a series

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

For some elected public office holders, the capability and perhaps desirability (felt need or obligation) to instantaneously…

  • ‘message’ constituents at will – at keystroke speed and acquire (social media) followers,
  • is generally, a well-intentioned and commendable perspective, if not presumed necessary component to retention and mitigating potential (primary) competitors.

However, the products and/or outcomes of keystroke speed messaging are still emerging, evolving, and converging, and

  • seldom (naturally, experientially) receptive to conventional – objective forms of universal assessment, measurement, and application sufficient to presume consistency in outcome, i.e., translate as mutually desired – agreed near term – longer term benefits, i.e., likes, e.g.,
  • not wholly unlike business (product – service – brand) marketing initiatives, the
  • variables attaching to keystroke speed messaging have a ways-to-go-to-be differentiated and receptive to objective, not subjective assessment and measurement, beyond perhaps, a time-specific cycle.

Public office holders who routinely engage in keystroke speed messaging, arguably are obliged, not unlike private sector – for profit business leaders, to ask and assess in advance,

  • the product and/or outcome of particular – messaging, ala product – service marketing technique, is largely, if not wholly, intangible, and as such, can be, and often is, variously elusive, and
  • may not readily translate or materialize as a resilient, sustainable, valuable, competitive advantage, or revenue generating asset.

Neither the product – outcome, or potential benefits which are presumed to appear and follow keystroke speed messaging, and are always gleanable and exploitable by a message sender, i.e.,

  • seldom, is keystroke speed messaging receptive – amenable (universally, across-the-board) to conventional or objective assessment and measurement,
    • insofar as confidently ensuring same will consistently produce and deliver
    • singularly predictable, similarly interpretable, and comparably resilient outcomes byforto messaging recipients, i.e., constituents or followers.

Experientially, as a business intangible asset strategist and risk specialist, business leaders – brand developers and sustainers, irrespective of sector,

  • who are variously inclined – influenced to resource and execute a potentially (irreversibly) narrow (vertical) strategy upon which to market a product, service, and/or brand, are,
  • fiduciarily obliged to avoid presuming the desired outcome will be sustainably strategic, competitive, lucrative, or resilient,
    • relative to emerging – evolving – converging socio-economic consumer dynamics, which are variously subject to being
    • influenced and driven by a pandemic, ideology, national events, personal affordability, etc.

Similarly, in circumstances in which an elected public office holder wants – seeks to engage in keystroke speed messaging which, by design, reaches beyond their geographic district (boundary) of constituents…

  • the outcomes – products of same, are perhaps (fiduciarily) obliged, at minimum, to be considered and differentiated for relevance, near term and strategic in advance of applying the send button.

Respectfully, some readers may construe the perspectives expressed here constitute a subjective leap. I invite review of a range of posts @ Business Intangible Asset Blog.

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