Political Intangible Assets 2021…first in a series

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

For 25+ years, and continuing today, I am asked for guidance across business sectors on various matters related to business things intangible.

As abusiness intangible asset strategist and risk specialist, I endeavor to incorporate prudent – straight-forward qualitative and quantitative guidance to…

  • surface, unravel, differentiate, assess – stress test, measure, safeguard, sustain, and mitigate risk to mission – business essential intangible assets
  • insofar as their respective contributory roles to (business) value, competitive advantage, revenue generation, etc., large percentages-of-which lie in – emerge directly intangible assets, i.e.,
    • various forms, contexts, and applications of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital inputs and collaborations.

Still, for some leaders, management team members, entrepreneurs, and even investors, the ‘guidance’ I have honed and offer on matters specific to business things intangible,

  • may not be on the respective radars or dashboards as a best practice norm,
    • insofar as recognizing the actual – various contributory roles of intangible assets in place which directly and indirectly (favorably) affect most business’s value, competitiveness, revenue generation capabilities, and sustainability.

Experientially and preferably absent mind-boggling stretches of imagination,

  • I endeavor to draw attention (in this and future posts) what I see are particularly obvious and relevant parallels and comparables (not cherry picked for convenience) of business things intangible to political things intangible.

The underlying argument I endeavor to unravel and convey in this and future posts here, is that there are many relevant ‘comparables’ of business things intangibles to political things intangible.

Specifically, I suggest, many individuals who aspire to and may ultimately seek election to public office (local, state, federal) are likely and variously skilled receptors, purveyors, considerers, deliverers, users, beneficiaries, and otherwise exploiters of political things intangible, whether same is acknowledged or not.

In general, I am suggesting, in an elected public office holder context, comparable intangible assets (intellectual, structural, and relationship capital) are routinely conveyed – inputted in various forms, contexts, and agendas by and to elected office holders,

  • as well as many who (may legitimately wish and/or are purposefully employed) to seek favorable political positioning or advocacy presumed to be within particular – elected office holders’ domain(s) of conceivable political – legislative influence.

Some readers may construe the underlying premise represents a subjective leap. Respectfully and experientially, I disagree, and invite review of this series and 800+ previous posts @ Business Intangible Asset Blog.

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