Pandemic and In-Personage Work Space

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Another effect of mitigating Covid transmission risks through alternatives to (branded, logoed) physical spaces, i.e., buildings, designed specifically to convene people for employment…

Variously presumes same is a requisite – necessity to work performance, but now is being considered less significant to – not determinants of achieving conventionally framed – held objectives related to lucrative business development, operation, and sustainability.

Today, in-the-midst-of the Covid 19 pandemic, the viability, and perhaps the relevance of conventionally designed – dedicated physical structures-spaces in which to hurriedly receive and convene volumes of people-employees primarily during daylight hours for the purpose of performing tasks related to their employment, i.e., a conventional business operating culture.  

Going forward, we are obliged to re-consider, perhaps expect, many of those conventional constructs will variously undergo re-definition and reconsider some conventional minimums, e.g., recognize…

  • relevant communication – interaction technologies which include at will and reliable access to 4G+ connectivity, i.e.,
  •  audio, video conferencing, and content sharing,
    • with incrementally less tolerance for inadvertent (on-screen, background) distractions.

Expectedly and correctly, there are arrays of entrepreneurially ingenious and self-contrived alternatives for what will likely constitute viable and relevant work-from-home workspaces, going forward.

Re-thinkingre-constituting what is – can be considered a viable and relevant workspace (individually, collectively, collaboratively) is being prudently sparked (irreversibly), not merely as temporary or transitional pre to post pandemic,

  • rather as legitimate demands for less risky work environments insofar as virus transmit-ability.

Too, demand for ‘alternative-to-convention’ workspaces, emerge from personal preferences for risk aversion and mitigation, which translate to how, where, and when work-for- employment can materialize, i.e., as recognizable, and acceptable iterations of work from home.

Business leadership, investors, and transaction management teams alike, are prudently, perhaps fiduciarily, obliged to re-think in-personage only circumstances may not be returning (operationally or culturally) in the foreseeable, if ever, e.g.,

  • individual (collective – collaborative) workplaces and workspaces are relatively and rapidly morphing to general acceptance of heretofore un-conventional alternatives.
  • one (architectural, social, consumer, cultural) consequence is receptivity to re-thinking
  • what actuallyare repeatable contributors todeterminants of – underliers for achieving lucrative, competitive, and sustainable business outcomes,
    • relative to how employee contributions are developed, transmitted, and received.

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