Marketing Intangible Assets To Skeptics

Respectfully, one would think at this point…with it being an irreversible economic fact – business reality that businesses globally are becoming predominantly intangible asset intensive and dependent, and that 80+% of most company’s value, sources of revenue, competitiveness, and sustainability today lie in – evolve directly from intangible assets, skepticism about same, would be minimal.

Similarly, any challenges related to bringing management teams and boards to the ‘intangible asset’ table…would also be minimal.  But, it seems clear there are aspects of our messages which intangible asset strategists as I and others, convey, require additional clarity, i.e., their…

  • contributory role and value to company’s revenue, competitiveness, and sustainability.
  • valuation and accounting.
  • integration in exit planning and execution, etc.

Again, for IA strategists like myself…underlying such challenges, lie, at least in part, (a.) providing sufficient rationale and guidance for taking action, (b.) getting management teams and boards to recognize (c.) the IA’s their company produces, develops, nurtures, and possesses, and (c.) precisely how intangibles contribute to producing, delivering, and enhancing (company) value, revenue, and competitive advantage, etc.

For a percentage of still intangible asset skeptics – unconvinced…the all but assured benefits accruing from effective development, use, and exploitation of intangibles is misinterpreted as not occurring until later stages of company maturation. Such perspectives are indeed ill-conceived.

Intangible asset strategic planning…as explained – practiced by this strategist, is presented-executed with near term emphasis, i.e., outcomes, results, that demonstrably minimize rationales to the contrary, which unfortunately, serve to delay management teams engaging their company’s intangible assets, or otherwise convey dismissiveness or trivialize their operational – contributory benefits.

Techniques I apply in management team seminars and training to…influence broader receptivity to intangible assets, include ensuring management teams and boards to (a.) recognize what intangible asset are, what they’re not, and which one’s they possess, and (b.) strive to achieve sufficient operational familiarity with intangibles to be able to identify, unravel, assess, position, safeguard, and otherwise consistently use-exploit IA’s profitably and competitively.

These techniques include conveying a…coalescing approach that encourages management teams and boards to engage and act on their intangible assets quickly, sustainably, and strategically positioning – utilizing (exploiting) intangible assets to become routine action items on c-suite discussions and planning agendas.

Michael D. Moberly  February 8, 2016  St. Louis  [email protected]  ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’  A business blog where attention span and action really matter!


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