Marketing Security Products With Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt…


The marketing of security products and services, varying levels of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) are routinely integrated. But, in some instances, FUD factors manifest as liabilities…depending on the context, emphasis, motive, and intent how each is (a.) conveyed, (b.) applied, (c.) their perceived relevance, and (d.) probability for occurrence in the near term.

For example, if – when FUD factors are dramatized or embellished as a presumptive prelude for…influencing – extracting a favorable emotive action-reaction from a prospective buyer or audience, their familiarity with the security products-services being ‘pitched – marketed’ and assumed to be receptive to ‘FUD messaging’.

Similarly, it’s not particularly difficult nor is it infrequent, to recognize workplace circumstances where individuals’ rise to…leadership – oversight positions, where they may exploit certain FUD factors or messaging, ala worst case scenarios, as a means to influence receptivity.

On numerous occasions I have experienced (product – service) marketing practitioners who whole heartedly espouse and practice ‘the FUD’ perspective…that it is necessary to sew elements of FUD into every product – service marketing strategy.

My conversations with numerous individuals of this ilk…often readily admit, the application – integration of FUD in their pitch message stimulates the human (buy – don’t buy) action.

Too, I sense persistent purveyors and proselytizers of FUD…several of whom I have met…

  • use FUD principles as a routine marketing tactic – strategy, and
  • may be variously inclined to minimize facts, reason, probabilities, and reality which may counter – mitigate the ‘FUD factors’ which they are espousing.

I want to believe prospective clients, and consumers…in general, are not mere pawns to perceptions of exploitative FUD as the dominant driving stimuli to their decisions and/or actions.

Still, its not overly challenging to observe the principles of FUD at work…or carefully contrived variations, exploitatively and jointly woven into product – service pitches characterized as mitigating and/or remediating a particular risk.

In these circumstances, elements-factors of FUD are integrated (exploited) as the primary underlier to…a marketing strategy to appeal to targeted populations of prospective buyer’s – client’s circumstances, needs, aspirations, or frustrations with the status quo.

Some experts attribute – believe humans are particularly receptive to characterizations of fear, uncertainty, and doubt, because they…

  • are grammatically and visually easy to convey and assume can-will
  • can influence those receptive, to assume the product-service being marketed is a quick and simple (single) fix, e.g., if x is purchased and deployed, a specific (set, range of) risks, problems, and/or frustrations, at least, how they are perceived, will be substantially reduced, if not go away forever!

Michael D. Moberly May 30, 2017 St. Louis [email protected], the ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ since May 2006, 650+ blog posts published, ‘where one’s attention span, intangible assets, and solutions converge’!

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