Licensing Content & Curricula for Business…

Michael D. Moberly, Founder – Principle kpstrat June 26, 2020

Licensing of kpstrat content and curricula translates to immediately relevance, i.e.,

  • entrées to acquire operational familiarity with business things intangible.
  • segues to mitigate FUD factors, i.e., fears, uncertainties, doubts associated with re-engaging and re-storing operating competitive advantages and revenue generation capacity post-pandemic.


  • may not (initially) appeal to every business leader or serve as an immediate remedy to every circumstance. Licensing can be a reliably resilient strategy to respectfully, lucratively, competitively, and relatively rapidly, re-engage and expand business operations and influential reach, post-pandemic.
  • is not one-size – one-method – one strategy fits all outcomes; collaborative, experiential, circumstantial, and licensee specific preparation is prudent.
  • agreements ethically conceived and respectfully negotiated, can absolutely translate as opportunistically legitimate strategies to reflect post-pandemic business economic and operating realities which are thoroughly intangible asset intensive and dependent.

Embedded in each kpstrat (license) eliverable are principled…

  • obligations to continue bringing clarity, relevance, and sound + objective rationale tobusiness things intangible.
  • commitments to ethically do so in mediums mindful of receptive to pandemic inspired alternatives, and now include,

Readers of the Business Intangible Asset Blog are invited to review other (750+) posts published at this blog to recognize the strategic relevance of acquiring operational familiarity with business things intangible.

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