Safeguarding Knowledge and Know How Is Relevant to Business Successes

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder kpstrat – A Business Intangible Asset Strategy and Risk Mitigation Collaborative – Business Intangible Asset Blog: A Reliable Source About Business Things Intangible Since 2006

‘Knowledge – know how is power’ (as Sir Francis Bacon described in ‘Meditationes Sacrae’ in 1597), Wherein scholars suggest, Bacon likely wanted to convey this principle: holding + sharing knowledge represents a cornerstone of reputation and influence, and therefore power, from which most business achievements – successes emanate.

Businesses whose mission entails sharing – collaborating their knowledge and knowhow will find this curriculum focusing on business’s intangible assets particularly beneficial. Those who engage this curriculum are more likely to experience elevated…

  • competitiveness, revenue generation capability, resilience, sustainability, valuation, and a supportive operating culture.

In part, this is because businesses across sectors, are increasingly intangible asset (knowledge-know how) intensive and dependent, which encompasses…

  1. developing the particular – forms-contexts of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital ‘relevant to mission’, and introducing same at the right time, in the right place, at the right cost, while
  2. safeguarding – mitigating risk to all that is determined to be ‘mission essential’.
    • irrespective of sector, stage, size, standing, R&D, products, services, or transaction.

This professional development curriculum encourages – obliges participants, e.g., business leaders, management teams, entrepreneurs, boards, and investors, to

  1. recognizedistinguish underlying – contributing intangible assets, i.e., type, category, and context.
  2. acknowledge particular – intangible assets as ‘mission essential’, and
  3. introduce specific safeguards – risk mitigation for the assets’ value- materiality (life) cycle.

Experientially however, business decisions to commit or forego the minimal time – cost of either of the above, not-in-ln frequently, materialize at the margins with discussions that…

  • mis-characterize safeguards – risk mitigation as non-ROI producing costs.
  • portray either as redundancies to IP enforcements.
  • generalize business things intangible w/o differentiating – designating particular intangible assets as being ‘mission essential’,

This curriculum draws attention to distinguishing IP recipient who receive a certificate issued by the government designating their knowledge and know-how in the form of a patent, trademark, or copyright, which universally signals

  1. same is likely valuable, proprietary, competitive, and may applied to revenue and create wealth, and
  2. should be treated accordingly, via safeguards, risk mitigation, insurance, and NDA’s, etc.

However, a perceived primacy of – deference to conventional…

  1. accounting standards, i.e., designating-valuing-reporting-duration of business things intangible, and
  2. IP legal practices – precedents,

 may attach less significance to applying additional precautions, safeguards, and risk mitigation for owners – holders to invest.

For these reasons, this curriculum emphasizes the prudence of re-acknowledging 80+% of most business’s valuation, competitiveness, revenue generation, sustainability, and brand lie in – emerge directly from intangible assets. (Brookings Institution Intangibles Project – Unseen Wealth)

For further context readers are encouraged to examine, videos, and posts @ Business Intangible Asset Blog.

The ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ is experientially researched, written, and published by Michael D. Moberly since 2006, with1100+ (long form) posts providing readers, ala business leaders, management teams, entrepreneurs, boards, and investors, et al, across sectors, with current – relevant perspectives and nuanced insights on matters related to business things intangible.


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