Intangible Assets Underlying New Business Launches…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder kpstrat and ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog – Business Intangible Asset Strategies and Risk Mitigator

The ‘key ingredients’ to successfully execute the launch of a new business (product, service, offering, practice area) hold a range of experiential perspectives and insights.

Routinely, the (conventional) ingredients, include, (a.) capital, (b.) experiential talent to steward, oversee, and manage the launch, and (c.) a relevant, attractive, and viable plan for monetization, commercialization, and marketing.

There are various other ingredients which are much more specific of course. But the particular – ingredients (above), I suspect, there would be little debate, remain prominent to generate confidence for both the business developers of a new business, et al, and prospective investors.

My experiences in venture capital forums, over-the-years, wherein I observed (new business) ‘launch teams’ endeavor to describe (a.) the uniqueness, importance and scalable relevance of their foundational idea, (b.) the underlying (supporting) R&D, and (c.) the ‘business – ROI rationale’ to compete for, what was universally hoped, would be the initial round of VC investment.

Routinely, however, ‘launch team presenters’ would omit, not recognize, overlook, and/or underestimate the ‘mission essentiality’ of particular-intangible assets which they and their business venture were dependent – reliant, aside, that is, from the

  • obligatory (conventional) reference to IP (intellectual property) status.

In venture capital forum’s, IP is frequently conveyed (sophomorically and presumptively) by launch team speakers, as being all inclusive. Unarguably, it is not.

I, and kpstrat, argue experientially, that recognizing the origins, proprietary development, defensibility, and unique use of particular – intangible assets are also, key, but unsung and unreported ingredients to every successful and sustainable launch which I am familiar (not rely solely reliant on conventionally issued IP). This includes a business’s principles and ‘launch teams’ recognizing and differentiating…

  1. the irreversible business economic – operation reality that most businesses today, and for the foreseeable-future, are variously intangible asset intensive, dependent, and reliant, especially new launches, start-ups, and early-stage businesses across sectors.
  2. the various forms and contexts of (a.) intellectual (knowledge, know how) capital, (b.) structural (process, procedure) capital, (c.) relationship (association) capital, and (d.) how each converge – serve as confident, effective, reliable, defensible, and sustainable business operating cultures.

For most, the initial valuation, commercialization potential, and ROI projections (for the launch of a new business, a start-up, or an early-stage company) lie in – emerge directly from the introduction + use of

  • the right combinations – collaborations of particular – intangible assets (which, how, when, where), at the right time, in the right way, at the right cost, e.g.,
  • forms – contexts of proprietarily developed (a.) intellectual (knowledge – know how) capital, (b.) structural (process, procedure) capital, (c.) relationship (association) capital, and (d.) IP, whether provisional or issued, and
  • their convergence in an ‘operating culture’ to execute the launch.

The leadership of new business launches, start-ups, and early-stage companies, across sectors,are (fiduciarily) obligedto…

  1. differentiate ‘mission essential’ intangible assets and recognize their stewardship, oversight, and management, relative to,
  2. their respective contributions and conversion as factors in valuation (of a new product, service, offering, or practice area) and
  3. sources for generating revenue and competitive advantage, are indeed important and relevant.

Readers of Mr. Moberly’s – kpstrat’s ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’, are respectfully encouraged to review other posts, wherein arrays of issues related to business things intangible are experientially researched and authentically and practically expressed.


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