Intangible Assets – The Resource Based View…

Michael D. Moberly   December 24, 2009

The ‘resource based view’ (RBV) is an economic tool (perspective) to be used by management teams to determine their company’s strategic resources.  The principles of RBV, or, as it’s sometimes also referred to as the ‘resource dependance view’, state that a company’s resources include its (a.) assets, (b.) skills, (c.) intellectual/human capital, know how, (d.) capabilities, and (e.) processes, which collectively serve as foundations to enable companies to conceive, design, and implement specific strategies to improve (elevate) their efficiency and effectiveness.

An underlying principle of the RBV, is that a company’s resources evolve from – lie in the manner in which intangible assets held by – available to the company are identified, unraveled, assessed, bundled, positioned, and ultimately applied as constituting the key criteria for determining their strategic and contributory value, i.e., the assets-resources…

1. add financial value to a company by serving as real building blocks to pursue – achieve future wealth and company sustainability…

2. are integral to a company’s ability to purse (design, execute) efficient ‘value-creating strategies’ to (a.) outperform competitors, and (b.) identify and reduce (mitigate) its own (competitive, strategic) weaknesses.

3. serve as sources/means to differentiate a company, i.e., create distinctiveness and competitiveness…

4. are rare and possess a relatively immobile status, that is, they’re not easily transferrable, disseminated, or (illegally) acquired by others…

5.  are such that few, if any competitor’s possess, or have the capability to duplicate (imitate, replicate) them with sufficient precision and/or quality to achieve (product/service) comparability and competitive advantages in the eyes of consumers, etc., without considerable effort, time, and expense…

(Synthesized by Mr. Moberly from the work of Sylvia J. Flatt and Stanley J. Kowalzyk)


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