Intangible Assets: The Often Overlooked ‘900-Pound Business Elephant’…

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder kpstrat and ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog – Business Intangible Asset Strategies and Risk Mitigator

Readers of this blog + audiences I engage about business things intangible, recognize ‘the 900-pound intangible asset elephant’ which too-often (for various-reasons) remain unrecognized, variously discounted, and un-under-valued for its (individual, collective, collaborative) contributory roles + value adds.

For most businesses, their intangible assets (especially those which this Blog dubs ‘mission essential’, exist – contribute – add value by applying, by introducing – applying the right forms – contexts of…

  • intellectual (knowhow – knowledge – expertise) capital,
  • structural (process, procedure) capital, and
  • relationship (association) capital

at the right time, in the right place, in the right way, and at the right cost and encouraging same to converge as ‘operating culture.’

Today, and for the-foreseeable future, the economic – operational reality is that most business’s competitiveness, revenue generation capability-capacity, future wealth creation potential, and sustainability (today, and for the foreseeable-future) lie in – emerge directly from non-physical (intangible) assets, irrespective of sector.

  • unarguably, businesses are increasingly intangible asset intensive, dependent, and reliant on their particular – versions of a 900-pound (intangible asset) economic – competitive advantage elephant.

Business’s ‘economic – competitive advantage elephants’ reside (in most instances – circumstances) in plain sight, but too often, remain variously invisible, under-appreciated, under-applied, and under-sustained, not effectively – consistently monitored, tweaked, safeguarded, or risks mitigated.

Business leaders (management teams, boards, and investors) often hold varying levels of familiarity with and/or reluctance to (more insistently – consistently) recognize and distinguish their business (brand, product, service) reliance on specific intangible assets, e.g., for their (a.) mission essentiality, and (b.)contributory roles + value adds.

Instead, those features – dividends are frequently deferred (variously relinquished)to particular – accounting, valuation, and/or legal ‘conventions’ whose emphasis is often on ‘durational – life cycle’ interpretations of non-physical business assets, even though a large-percentage, is (likely) proprietarily developed, held, and applied.

Experientially, (again) there remain a percentage of business leaders, et al, who also are inclined (for various-reasons) to see and differentiate physical – tangible assets held – overseen, i.e., property, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, securities, etc., as the ‘requisites’ to (business) valuation, revenue generation, competitiveness, scalability, sustainability, and wealth creation.

Neither I, this blog, nor kpstrat, wish to supplant that perspective.

Somewhat-understandably, ‘hard’ (physical – tangible) assets are receptive to ‘each of the five human senses’ and entered on balance sheets, however, standing alone, this…

  • may not render same (necessarily) dominant, nor may those assets matter most, insofar ‘building operating cultures’ which influence, drive, deliver – generate resilience, and sustainable valuations and revenues for particular-products, services, brands, and/or transactions, etc.

An understandable reason, why, some business leaders, et al, may not (as-yet) be attuned to the ‘intangible asset side of their business’, as perhaps they should (could) be, may involve present day – asymmetrically materializing challenges and risks, ala,

  • ‘when you are up to your hips in alligators, one may be receptive to overlooking, in the near term, the original plan focused on draining the pond’. 

The ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ is experientially-researched, written, and produced by Michael D. Moberly, to provide perspectives, insights, and additional and sometimes alternative perspectives to readers, ala business leaders, management teams, boards, and investors, etc., to aid in identifying, distinguishing, assessing, valuing, safeguarding, and lucratively – competitively utilizing -applying their ‘mission essential’ intangible assets. 

Readers are-encouraged to review and comment on this, and other posts wherein arrays of issues related to business things intangible are authentically and practically conveyed.

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