Why Intangible Assets Must Be On Management Team’s Radar!

Intangible assets should be permanent fixtures on every business’s radar screen because today, it is economic fact – business operation realities that…https://kpstrat.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=361

1. 80+% of most company’s value, sources of revenue, competitive advantages, sustainability, and future wealth     creation potential today lie in – directly evolve from intangible assets…https://kpstrat.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=142

2. Now, the norm is to measure the effectiveness of management teams and boards by how well they are achieving     their fiduciary responsibilities (Stone v Ritter) for…(a.)  capturing, developing, exploiting, and converting intangible assets into value, sources of revenue, and competitive advantages, and (b.) strengthening and building competitive advantages, via relationship, structural, intellectual capital to create efficiencies throughout a business’s value and supply chains. Stone v Ritter (911 A.2d 362 (Del. 2006)   https://kpstrat.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=4825

3. Slight advances in technology, minor improvements in production, and/or small refinements in business processes through better utilization – exploitation – conversion of intangible assets can afford companies tremendous competitive advantages over their market rivals. Christopher R.J. Pace adapted by Michael D. Moberly

4. Sarbanes Oxley – FASB and its global equivalents mandate accounting and reporting value and materiality changes in intangible assets…

5. The time frames – windows when the most value and competitive advantage can be extracted (exploited, realized) from intangible assets is shrinking, in part, because the economics of global infringement, misappropriation, and product-service counterfeiting, etc., are now firmly and irrevocably embedded in many country’s GDP. Michael D. Moberly

6. Unlike patents, trademarks, and copyrights there are no certificates issued by the government that says these are your intangible assets. Michael D. Moberly   https://kpstrat.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=9076

7.Intangible asset value and competitive advantages are perishable and generally non-renewable…(a.) if/when intangible assets are misappropriated, infringed, or otherwise compromised, economic – competitive advantage hemorrhaging can commence immediately, globally, and seldom ‘can the genie be put back in its bottle’. Michael D. Moberly, and (b.) data mining and predatorial business intelligence operations can rapidly erode asset value and undermine competitive advantages at the earliest stages of asset development. Michael D. Moberly

Michael D. Moberly November 13, 2018 St. Louis [email protected] ‘The Business Intangible Asset Blog’ https://kpstrat.com/blog since May 2006 ‘where attention span, business realities, and solutions converge!

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