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Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder kpstrat and ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog

Respectfully, in most engagements I have undertaken (over 20+ years) with clients, businesses, and seminar attendees, each is likely (at the outset) to convey their recognition of, appreciation for, and familiarity with business things intangible, relative to (a.) accounting, valuation, amortization, taxation, (b.) presumed connection to intellectual property, or (c.) their materiality.

Experientially and respectfully, many business leaders, management teams, boards, or investor radar, seldom acknowledges or alerts asset holders to the

  • assets contributory roles – value-adds, nor there
  • emergence – development from various forms, contexts, and applications of intellectual, structural, and relationship capital, which
  • routinely converge as – embed in business’s operating culture.

Instead, experientially, if-when business leaders, et al, address business things intangible, it is periodic, and often framed in contexts of considering whether, how, timing, and cost to…

  • introduce new, different, reconfigured, or updated collections – collaborations of intangible assets (again, intellectual, structural, and relationship capital) to…
    • market, brand, describe, and/or differentiate their products, services, offerings, mission, stature, competitiveness, expertise, or operating culture.

Preferably, (as an outcome to my guidance) the above is legitimately recognized as being intertwined in-with a new, updated, or an extension of a service, offering, or product, etc., intended-designed to…

  1. advance, elevate, re-direct, and/or re-new a business’s existing image, reputation, mission, and their perspective about either, and/or
  2. convey the relevance and attractivity of an operating culture, acumen, and expertise, which has been developed, honed, and is considered ‘mission essential’.
  3. strategically extend a business’s (current) practice area expertise and capability, ala a re-focus and/or re-direction, if you will, to reflect – be positioned to accommodate on-coming needs and demands.


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