Intangible Assets Continuity and Contingency Planning

Michael D. Moberly, Principal, Founder, kpstrat

Now, today, and for the foreseeable future, business continuity and contingency planning is obliged, by intent, design, and execution to…

reasonably ensure intangible assets deemed mission essential, are sufficiently resilient and sustainable pre – post risk materialization.

In the pre-internet, pre-dotcom, pre-supply-distribution chain eras, business value and the primary sources of + means to generate revenue, value, and  competitiveness were largely presumed (via accountants, legal counsel, and HR) to…

(a.) be determined by expenditures on bigger, faster, more expensive tangible (physical, usually machine) assets to produce more, and/or

(b.) hiring more employees at designated locations at competitive wage rates. Not rocket science then, but, far less relevant today and for the foreseeable future.

Many, if not most (business leaders, influencers) at that time, by convention, and unfortunately, some still appear, hard-pressed to conceive – acknowledge a comparable contributory role and value of-for business things intangible.

Routinely intangible assets…

(a.) materialize as inputs before, during, and throughout most every business venture as intellectual, structural, and relationship capital, and

(b.) manifest as collaborative and integrated cultures affecting efficiency, scale, distribution, marketing, brand, reputation, and price points, etc., for products and services.

Readers receptive to this perspective (ala a business operation reality) may also recognize the prudence of ensuring business things intangible are adequately + accurately reflected in business continuity and contingency planning.

Preferably, the above translates to positioning businesses to acknowledge and sustain…

(a.) control, use, ownership, and value of essential intangibles, i.e.,

(b.) relevant forms, contexts, and applications of (embedded, acculturated) intellectual, structural, and relationship capital, as

(c.) fiduciary obligations of, for, and to business leadership and management.

With respect to the eras described above, each variously, continues to evolve and become technologically and attitudinally intertwined and dependent relative to consumer awareness and attractivity (marketable and scalable) experience, vis-à-vis revenue generation capability and product-service value judgements.

I respectfully encourage readers to not overlook the perspective that most all-of-the-above are irreversibly wrapped in an increasing reliance on ‘intangible asset intensity and dependency’ to make things happen.  

Each also is replete with asymmetric opportunities + inevitabilities to deliver, receive, and generate perpetuating and cascading risk to a business’s mission essential intangibles, at will, which in turn produce variously irreversible adverse economic, competitive advantage, and reputational effects and consequences.

The time-honored (conventional) continuity – business contingency planning practice of endeavoring to ‘contain’ loss and/or damage to tangible-physical assets is decidedly less relevant. 

Continuity-contingency planning for business now, is obliged to shift focus to sustaining (safeguarding + preserving) business things intangible to objectively mitigate and elevate the probability for a business to achieve a speedier and more complete economic, competitive advantage, and market share recovery following the keystroke emergence and delivery of risk.

Written respectfully for readers.

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