Intangible Asset Training Modules…by kpstrat!

Why business leadership and management teams are obliged to achieve operational familiarity with intangible assets now!

Respectfully, I believe it is important for readers – subscribers to recognize that…the manner which I have structured and sequenced kpstrat’s intangible asset (operational familiarity, training, awareness) modules, allows same to be routinely adjusted to reflect new learning, thinking, and application to benefit clients. Doing so is particularly important to reflect the level and detail that will contribute best to clients achieving near and longer term, professional, as well as, business objectives.

‘Knowledge is power’…in few other arenas of economic and social relations, has this phrase, widely attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, ala Meditationes Sacrae (1597), assumed proverb-like status and become widely applied cross generationally. The phrase itself, is broadly interpreted as…

• knowledge is more powerful than physical strength, and no great work can be done without knowledge.
• knowledge is a powerful factor that empowers people to achieve great results.
• the more knowledge one acquires, the more powerful one is likely to become.

Today, this ‘Baconess’ proverb, at least through my lens, manifests with greater relevance in the increasingly (aggressive, predatorially competitive global business (transaction) environment, where…

  • slight advances in technology,
  • minor improvements in delivering services, and
  • small refinements in business methods-processes can propel companies to achieve lucrative and competitive     advantages over their sector rivals.

So, achieving operational familiarity with a company’s intangible assets is important and relevant now…because, as with numerous other intangible requisites to successful operating any business, there is…

  • no other time in business governance history when larger percentages of business value, sources of revenue, competitiveness, resilience, and sustainability…
  • are so deeply embedded in – reliant on differentiating businesses intangibles, i.e., intellectual properties, know how, reputation, and brand, etc., which are…
  • materializing in sectors which have become irreversibly intangible asset intensive and dependent.

A particularly evident and lucrative product of acquiring operational familiarity with a business’s intangible assets, and practicing same, occur when management team’s more routinely…

  • exploit some – all-of-the distinctive-unique knowhow emanating from their intellectual, relationship, and structural capital and embedded in their business practices.
  • recognize that intangible assets can become standalone commodities and drivers of value, competitiveness, and strategies to – sources for sustainable revenue generation and competitiveness.

The content embedded throughout kpstrat’s (intangible asset) ‘operational familiarity training modules’…collectively translates to practical principles for business management teams to consider insofar as achieving more lucrative, competitive, sustainable, and challenge free initiatives and transactions which are likely to be intangible asset intensive-dependent.

The over-arching intent of kpstrat’s intangible asset (operational familiarity) training is to bring clarity and choice to management teams…

  • that reflect their fiduciary responsibilities to provide effective and lucrative stewardship, oversight, and management of their intangible asset intensive – dependent businesses.
  • to recognize the acquisition, development, safeguards, and exploitation of intangible assets are ‘business decisions’ aligned with existing accounting rules and legal best practices.
  • for mitigating risk stemming from increasingly competitive, predatorially aggressive, and asymmetric (global) business transaction, manufacturing, and supply chain environments.

Intangible asset intensity and dependency are now the norm to lucrative business operation…coupled with sustaining (unchallenged) control, use, and ownership (exclusive rights) to key intangibles. With more regularity, this translates as the difference between (business) competitiveness and profitability vs. continually fighting for financial survival following irreversible losses in asset value, competitiveness, and sector space.

Michael D. Moberly November 20, 2018 St. Louis [email protected] ‘The Business Intangible Asset Blog’ since May 2006 ‘where attention span, business realities, and solutions converge!

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