Intangible Asset Training Produces Multipliers

Michael D. Moberly   March 11, 2013    ‘A blog where attention span matters’!

The following are examples of valuable and immediately useful/beneficial multipliers that a well designed and thoughtfully and respectfully executed intangible asset awareness (training) program can produce for management teams, c-suites, project managers, and boards.

Reduce uncertainty and adding predictability to operations and transactions by (a.) incorporating the necessity to monitor asset value, stability, fragility, and defensibility relative to (a.) achieving projected returns, competitive-market/sector position, and creating synergies/efficiencies…

Identify potential new market entry opportunities by rapidly and efficiently distinguishing revenue producing intangible assets…

Reduce probability that intangible assets will become entangled and/or ensnared in costly and time consuming legal challenges that impede project/company growth, momentum and/or erode – undermine asset value, competitiveness, and performance…

Contribute to building an enterprise wide intangible asset (risk intelligent) company culture that recognizes-appreciates asset value and the various risk – threat environments …

Provide a foundation for developing stronger – more effective organizational resilience (business continuity/contingency planning) to include intangible assets and competitive advantages should (when) certain risks/threats materialize.

Distinguish intangible assets relative to their respective life, value, and/or functionality cycles…

Recognize the growing global universality of regulatory mandates regarding accounting and reporting the value, materiality, and financial performance of intangible assets…

Recognize that patents alone are no longer reliable indicators of company value, transaction predictability, or serve as a effective deterrents or safe harbors to infringement or misappropriation…

Extract and/or leverage more value from intangible assets in business transactions…

Forge stronger relationships with legal counsel, auditors, and accountants on all matters related to intangibles.

Strengthen convergence with:

  • knowledge management programs
  • balanced scorecard initiatives
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Provide more efficient and effective use of legal counsel and IT resources…

Align a company’s business practices and external (business) transactions with risk assessment, asset management, (pre-post) due diligence, and strategies to sustain or enhance asset value…

  • foster an enterprise wide (risk intelligent) culture that recognizes – respects the value of critical (core) intangible assets relative to their proper handling, protection, preservation and facilitates asset monitoring undermining, and asset value dilution.
  • elevate awareness, alertness, and accountability for identifying and communicating significant risks, threats, and challenges (related to intangible assets, IP, and proprietary competitive advantages, etc.) in business transactions before irreversible ‘economic hemorrhaging’ can occur…

Bring consistency to business accounting and auditing by:

  • describing intangible assets in revenue conversion formats, and
  • representing intangible assets commensurate with Sarbanes-Oxley

Elevate company’s stature and goodwill among its customers, suppliers, and investors and gain attention of audiences beyond a company’s traditional markets…

Strengthen confidence in outcomes in business transactions by:

  • focusing on enabling – facilitating stronger, more secure and profitable  transactions, not impede them.
  • demonstrating how to unravel and assess the status, stability, fragility, and defensibility of the assets relative to meeting terms, objectives, projected returns, and exit strategy.
  • sustaining necessary control, use, and ownership over the assets in both pre and post transaction contexts.

Elevate understanding about strategies to prevent, counter, and/or mitigate current and emerging risks, threats, and vulnerabilities to intangible assets and competitive advantages by:

  • providing practical and business oriented insights that extend beyond conventional audits or business valuation checklists.
  • identifying a range of events or circumstances that can impair, erode, and/or undermine asset value.

Enable equity of voice and range of choice regarding the stewardship, oversight, and management of IP, intangibles, and/or proprietary competitive advantages.

Identify techniques for structuring business operations – transactions to:

  • sustain the contracted levels of control, use, ownership, value and brand integrity of the assets
  • mitigate the undermining – erosion of projected competitive advantages, synergies, profitability and/or entanglement of intangible assets in costly, time consuming disputes and challenges that disrupt transaction momentum.

My blog posts are researched and written by me with the genuine intent they serve as a worthy and respectful venue to elevate awareness and appreciation for intangible assets throughout the global business community.  Most of my posts focus on issues related to identifying, unraveling, and sustaining control, use, ownership, and monitoring asset value, materiality, and risk.  As such, my blog posts are not intended to be quick bites of information, unsubstantiated commentary, or single paragraphed platforms to reference other media. 

Comments regarding my blog posts are encouraged and respected. Should any reader elect to utilize all or a portion of any of my posts, attribution is expected and always appreciated. While visiting my blog readers are encouraged to browse other topics (posts) which may be relevant to their circumstance or business transaction.  I always welcome your inquiry at 314-440-3593 or [email protected]


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