Intangible Asset Strategist’s and Risk Specialist’s Responsibilities…

As an intangible asset strategist, risk specialist, and trainer…my work for businesses commences with the premise that business leadership and management teams have certain fiduciary responsibilities, which, among other things, are to routinely ask, and ultimately ensure…

  • this company is effectively positioned, insofar as having the
    necessary expertise and skill sets, at the ready, 
  • to identify, unravel, develop, and exploit – generate as much value and competitive advantage as possible from its intangible assets,
  • while simultaneously monitoring key assets’ materiality, mitigating risks, and safeguarding their contributory roles to value, revenue, and sustainability!

Should these issues not be routinely queried, or the actions not occur, or fail…little else may matter, because (a.)  intangible asset value, (b.) competitive advantages, and (c.) sources of revenue can (d.) rapidly hemorrhage and go to zero!

Further, an intangible asset strategist and risk specialist, should be…

  • confident to deliver relevant – practical training on all things intangible that will serve as strategy and guidance to produce competitive, lucrative, and sustainable outcomes – benefits useful to a company…
  • through strategic planning, and measuring asset performance, and by…
    • adding assurance and predictability to business transaction outcomes, projected returns, and exit strategies whenever-however-wherever key intangible assets are in play, i.e.,
    • conducting pre – post transaction due diligence to ensure the key intangible assets in play remain stable.
    • assessing-monitoring asset stability, defensibility, sustainability, and value.
    • reducing the probability that project-transaction momentum will – can be stifled by thwarting-mitigating risk circumstances known to…
      • ensnare and/or entangle the assets in costly and time consuming legal challenges.
      • undermine-erode asset value and performance.
      • adversely affect asset reputation ‘risk points’.
  • incorporating intangible asset valuation, reporting, and accounting in company governance.
  • laying foundations to achieve an (intangible asset) intelligent ‘company culture’ that aligns – converges with company’s mission, business objectives, and strategic planning.
  • implementing organizational resilience (continuity, contingency) planning that encompasses mission essential intangible assets to provide quicker recovery following a significant business disruption or the materialization of reputation risk.
  • bringing operational clarity to the recognition, valuation, separability, transferability, life-value-functionality cycles, risk, and value chain monitoring for intangible assets.

Michael D. Moberly June 23, 2017 St. Louis [email protected], the ‘Business Intangible Asset Blog’ since May 2006, 650+ blog posts published, ‘where one’s attention span, intangible assets, and solutions converge’!

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